How to Dress Like Kwame (Earth)

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Captain Planet Planeteers Shirt
Amscan Light-Up Gem Rings
Laurel Green Safari Travel Vest
Gold Bangle
KONOV Stainless Steel Snake Chain Necklace
Rothco Web Belt with Gold Buckle
Men's Army Green Cargo Shorts
Darn Tough Grasshopper Sock
Vans Unisex Slim Skate Shoe

Best Kwame Costume Guide

As the unofficial leader of the Planeteers from the 90’s cartoon Captain Planet, Kwame is an environmentally friendly choice to cosplay at your next convention. From Ghana, Africa, he is the first Planeteer to be summoned and often the voice of reason of the group. Kwame calls on the power of earth. Follow this costume guide to discover how to pull off Kwame’s Planeteer look.

Let’s start with the easy stuff, accessories! You should choose an Amscan Light-Up Gem Ring, a Gold Bangle, and a Stainless Steel Snake Chain Necklace. For Kwame’s relaxed look, wear an authentic Captain Planet Planeteers Shirt under a Laurel Green Safari Travel Vest. Then add a comfy pair of Men’s Army Green Cargo Shorts cinched at the waist with a Rothco Web Belt with Gold Buckle. Finally, cap off his look with some Darn Tough Grasshopper Socks and a classic pair of Vans Unisex Slim Skate Shoes.

Kwame Cosplay Costumes

As the bearer of the earth ring, you can be one with nature with Kwame’s cosplay. Kwame like his other teammates has a laid-back look. As far as Kwame’s t-shirt, you can paint the Captain Planet symbol on just about any red t-shirt using art supplies from any craft section. While you’re there, if you don’t have any gold bangles lying around, strips of glittery foam can be cut to size and taped, glued, or stapled in place. If you don’t have a pair of khaki shorts and green vest to match, hit up a local thrift shop or online store for those essential items.

For group cosplay, we naturally suggest Ma-Ti as Kwame often acts as a mentor to him on the show. You can also bring along fellow Planeteers like Wheeler, Linka, and Gi. You can also bring in the lovely Gaia or central character, Captain Planet. Check out the cosplay gallery for additional ideas when dressing up. Send us your pics of your best Kwame look for us to post!

Kwame Costume Tips & FAQs

Channel the spirit of Earth and leadership with our costume guide for Kwame from “Captain Planet and the Planeteers.” As the Planeteer from Africa who wields the power of Earth, Kwame is a character known for his wisdom, calm demeanor, and commitment to protecting the environment. His distinctive look is perfect for cosplay events, environmental campaigns, or any occasion where you want to embody the essence of a true Planeteer.

Kwame's outfit is simple yet iconic. Key elements include a yellow short-sleeved shirt and green pants. The shirt often has a slight V-neck cut. He wears brown boots and a brown belt. Kwame's look is completed with his Earth Ring, which is a crucial accessory. This ring can be replicated with costume jewelry or a custom-made prop.

Kwame has short, neatly styled black hair. To achieve his look, style your hair (or a wig) to be short and well-groomed. Kwame's hair is typically shown as being neat and tidy, reflecting his thoughtful and composed nature.

Kwame wears simple brown boots. The boots should be practical and comfortable, aligning with his role as an environmental hero. They should reach about mid-calf and can be any simple, outdoor-style boot.

The main colors of Kwame's outfit are yellow for his shirt and green for his pants, symbolizing the Earth, which is the element he represents. The colors are typically solid without any patterns. Keeping to this color scheme is essential for an authentic Kwame costume.

Kwame, being a character from an animated series focused on environmentalism, has several lines that reflect his dedication to Earth. Here are some quotes you might use: "Let our powers combine; Earth!," "By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!," "The power is yours!," "We must work together to stop the eco-villains." and "We can make a difference if we work as a team." These quotes capture Kwame's role as a leader and environmental hero, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this iconic character.

About Kwame

Kwame is the first Planeteer to be introduced and is best known for his catchphrase, “Let our powers combine.” Hailing from Africa, Kwame is the most sober-minded of the group featured on the animated 90’s cartoon show Captain Planet. He is calm and quiet but is fully in control. His gentle nature can be observed towards his friends in times of distress. Despite his seriousness, he is known to partake in playful teasing among his teammates, especially with Wheeler.

Best at restoring control amid chaos, Kwame is looked upon as the unofficial leader of the Planeteers. He is thoughtful and seems to ask the questions no one else considers, but are vital to their survival. Like anyone else, he is not without flaws and will on occasion lose his temper. He went through a bout of personal doubt and for a time abandoned the Planeteers. He soon came to his senses and returned. Being the voice of comfort and quiet strength is the backbone of his team, and though he may despair at the difference he’s making, Kwame understands the importance of his mission.


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