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Kronk is one of the most loved characters from the classic Disney movie, The Emperor’s New Groove. The film is about an arrogant Emperor named Kuzco, who accidentally gets turned into a llama when his advisor attempts to poison him. He is stuck in the jungle and must find his way back to his kingdom to reclaim his throne.

Kronk is the sidekick of the evil Yzma. He’s loyal to Yzma but isn’t what you’d exactly call a bad guy. When faced with a moral dilemma, Kronk often has to debate between his good and bad side. Each side appears as an angel and a devil on his shoulder. He’s a brilliant chef, can communicate with animals, and wants people to reach their dreams. To get the look of this spinach puff master, you will need a Black Hair Wig, Kronk Men’s Costume, Muscle Suit, and a pair of 2 Strap Sandals.

Kronk Cosplay Costumes

The Emperor’s New Groove is a popular movie, so everyone’s going to know who you are when dressed up in this costume. Even though Kronk works alongside Yzma, his outfit is light and fun. It’s clear from his colorful outfit that he isn’t bad at all. Kronk’s costume is a mix between Kuzco and Yzma’s colors, which represents his moral dilemma between good and evil.

Kronk’s costume may work great on its own, but it would look even better alongside some other characters from the movie. Why not see if your friends can come as characters like Yzma, Kuzco, Pacha, Chacha or Tipo. Even Bucky the Squirrel might be up for a small chat! Whether you want to cook up a storm in the kitchen, or you’re going to chase a llama through the jungle, you’ll look the part.

Kronk Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a hilarious and heartwarming journey with our FAQ guide on how to dress up as Kronk from “The Emperor’s New Groove”. This guide will help you capture the essence of Kronk’s unique and lovable character, ensuring your costume is as memorable and fun as the character himself.

Kronk's outfit is distinctive yet simple, reflecting his strong and affable nature. It consists of a blue tunic with a yellow sash, a short red skirt, and a pair of brown sandals. His muscular build is a significant part of his character's appearance, so padding or muscle suits can be used to achieve a similar look.

Kronk has short, dark hair styled in a simple, clean-cut manner. Along with this, he often wears a blue chef's hat when he's cooking, which is a fun addition if you want to reference his love for culinary arts.

To enhance the Kronk costume, consider carrying a plush squirrel, referencing his unique ability to speak to squirrels. Additionally, a skillet or a fake spinach puff can be fun props to include, showcasing his cooking skills.

Kronk's footwear is simple: brown sandals with straps. They should be comfortable and practical, keeping in line with his role as an active and outdoorsy character.

Adding Kronk's memorable quotes can really elevate your costume experience. Some of his famous quotes are: "Squeak squeakin', squeak squeakity.," "Oh yeah, it's all coming together.," "Riiiiight. The poison. The poison for Kuzco, the poison chosen especially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's poison.," "No, no, don't thank me. We're good friends." and "My spinach puffs!." These quotes reflect Kronk's humorous, kind-hearted, and sometimes oblivious personality, making them great for adding a touch of authenticity to your costume.

About Kronk

Kronk is a character from the animated movie The Emperor’s New Groove voiced by Patrick Warburton. Initially hired by the royal advisor Yzma, Kronk was supposed to provide a hand with her schemes to take over the kingdom. When her plan of poisoning the emperor goes all wrong, Kronk mistakes the llama potion for poison. She now must do all she can to keep Kuzco from returning to his throne.

Even though Kronk works with Yzma, he a sweet guy. He’s able to communicate to squirrels and is an impressive chef. Kronk is also highly agile and strong and can run at incredible speeds. He often struggles between what’s right and wrong. The struggle is seen by an argument between an angel and devil that sit on his shoulder. However, even when he tries to do the right thing, it doesn’t always go as planned. He’s not the brightest of the bunch and often gets disregarded, but he’s pretty intuitive when given a chance. 


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