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Kristoff appears in the 2013 Disney movie, Frozen. The film became a worldwide sensation, and many adults had to sit through hundreds of replays of the movie. The story is a fun take on the Hans Christian Anderson story, The Snow Queen, but focuses more on the love of family. The film gain popularity due to its catchy songs, funny dialogue, and clever twists along the way. 

Kristoff is one of the main characters in the movie. His job is to harvest ice, which becomes a challenge when Elsa makes it winter. His reindeer friend, Sven, work with Princess Anna to stop her sister, Queen Elsa and make it summer once again. To get the look of this fun ice harvester, Kristoff Bjorgman, you will want a Costume Wig, Kristoff Costume, Fleece Pants, Fleece Sweatshirt, Winter Gloves, and Foam Cosplay Pickaxe.

Kristoff Bjorgman Cosplay Costumes

Kristoff isn’t afraid of a little cold weather. He works with ice for a living, so he knows a thing or two about dressing warm. At first, Kristoff may give the appearance of a rather grumpy and reserved guy. He thinks Anna’s bubbly attitude is annoying and wants to get on with his job. His ability to become easily annoyed may have something to do with the fact that he’s grown up with trolls in a hidden valley, or the fact that his best friend is a reindeer. However, he does eventually warm up to Princess Anna. His outdoor skills do come in handy as they go on their journey to stop the winter.

For Kristoff’s look, you will want a warm tunic over some thick pants and a pair of snowshoes. Add some gloves and a beanie to your look, and you’ll look like you’re ready to harvest some ice! Why not get your friends to dress up and have them come as other Frozen characters like Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Sven, and Olaf!

About Kristoff Bjorgman

Kristoff Bjorgman is an ice harvester who appears in the Disney movie, Frozen. He grew up as an orphan and was taken in by magical trolls in the Valley of the Living Rock. With his reindeer Sven by his side, he found a place with the trolls and called them family. When the kingdom goes into an endless winter, Kristoff’s business grinds to a screeching halt. He runs into Princess Anna and agrees to help her get her sister back, but soon finds himself falling for her. 

Kristoff gives the appearance of a gruff guy with no care for anyone but himself. The movie soon reveals that he’s a caring and protective person underneath. With plenty of opportunities to leave the quest with Anna, Kristoff eventually decides to help her all the way. He is kind and humble and a little shy, but is also incredibly brave and will risk his life for the kingdom.

Kristoff Bjorgman

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