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Best Krampus Costume Guide

In the movie, Krampus, it’s just before Christmas and the Engel family gather together for Christmas. One of the youngest family members, Max, still believes in Santa Claus and plans to send him a letter. When Max’s cousins read out his letter to Santa, they ridicule him for it. A severe blizzard sweeps in that evening engulfing the entire town and causing a power outage. In the ensuing confusion, a large horned creature, the Krampus, sneaks into the town to kill and wreak destruction punishing those for having lost their Christmas spirit. Get the look of the anthropomorphic demonic spirit with this Krampus costume guide.

Cosplay Krampus, the ancient demonic being who punishes those without the Christmas spirit has the help of demonic elves and Der Klown, the jack-in-the-box who devours those that he kills. Dress up this Halloween as Krampus in a Krampus Mask, Santa Bath Robe, Wolf Gloves, Costume Bottoms, Bell Prop Replica and a Plastic Chain!

Krampus Cosplay Costumes

Everything turns to hell when the ancient demon Krampus, from the 2015 movie, and his cohort of evil elves suddenly appear to horrify the town. It’s a living nightmare that seems to go on forever with unseen monsters lurking under the snow and monstrous toys hidden inside presents leaping out to invade houses. A maniacal jack-in-the-box, Der Klown, kills and devours his victims. What diabolical madness! Nobody’s safe! There’s no safe place to hide where these horrifying creatures can’t find you.

Close your eyes for a moment to picture cosplaying Krampus, the anthropomorphic demon that is a half-goat. Horrifying images come to mind that form an absolutely frightening experience no matter where you show up in this costume. Though Krampus is the main character, you could consider joining others dressed up in horror movie costumes!

Krampus Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the chilling and mythical world of Krampus with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Krampus, a legendary figure in Central and Eastern European folklore, is known for his fearsome appearance and role as a counterpart to Saint Nicholas during the Christmas season. This guide will help you create a Krampus costume that’s perfect for holiday-themed events, Halloween parties, or folklore reenactments, capturing the essence of this daunting character.

A Krampus costume typically includes a dark, furry body suit or cloak to mimic the creature's beast-like appearance. The headpiece is crucial and should resemble a demonic or goat-like face with large horns. Additional elements include hooves for feet, long, claw-like fingers, and a lolling, pointed tongue. Krampus is also often depicted with chains and bells attached to his costume, adding a menacing jingle to his movements.

The Krampus headpiece is one of the most distinctive aspects of the costume. It should have a goat or demonic appearance, with large, curved horns and a fearsome expression. You can either create a headpiece using materials like faux fur, latex, and sculpting materials for the horns, or purchase a pre-made Krampus mask. Don't forget the lolling tongue and pointed ears to complete the look.

The body of Krampus should be covered in dark fur to resemble a mythical beast. You can use a furry bodysuit or create a cloak from dark, shaggy fabric. If you're crafting the suit yourself, consider varying the fur length and texture to add realism.

Krampus is often portrayed with chains and bells, which you can drape over the costume for an authentic effect. Additionally, a bundle of birch sticks (known as a "ruten") is a traditional accessory, symbolizing the punishment of naughty children. Hoof-like shoes or boots and clawed gloves will further enhance the creature's fearsome appearance.

To portray Krampus effectively, adopt a menacing and intimidating demeanor. Movements should be deliberate and somewhat animalistic. The clanking of chains and the sound of bells can be used to create an ominous presence. Remember, Krampus is a figure of folklore and legend, so bringing a sense of ancient, mythical terror is key to an authentic portrayal.

About Krampus

Krampus is the horror genre film based on the traditional character from Austro-Bavarian folklore. As scary Christmas movie, the film appeals to a wide audience by distinguishing the thin line separating real and fantasy. Both are impeccably balanced to bring out the right blend of horror and comedy to thrill. The graphic horror film depicts Krampus and its elves reigning terror on the town for simply not believing in Christmas.

Der Klown and Krampus’ elves add to the destruction caused to the Engel family. After a night of terror, Max and family wake up on Christmas day unharmed. Max relieved, still opens up a present under the tree that contains something from the Krampus indicating the event is remembered, but that it also could happen again under the watchful eye of the Krampus.


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