How to Dress Like Klaus Von Reinherz

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Brown Hair Wig
White Button Down Shirt
Bottom Fang Grillz
Black Vest
Black Pants
Burgundy Tie
Dark Brown Dress Shoes

Best Klaus Von Reinherz Costume Guide

The leader of Libra and head of the noble Reinhertz family, Klaus Von Reinhertz is one of the many characters in the Japanese manga Blood Blockade Battlefront. Usually calm and mild-mannered, or at least portrays himself to be until angered and then lashes out with a beast-like anger. Well dressed and with a noticeable underbite, he’s an avid Prosfair player who one time played 99 hours without stopping. Want to know how to look like this part blood breed human, follow this Klaus Von Reinherz costume guide.

To cosplay the popular manga character, Klaus Von Reinhertz, wear a white button-down shirt, black pants, a black vest, a burgundy tie, and dark brown dress shoes. Wear fake bottom fangs to replicate his facial features and a brown wig that is similar to Klaus’s hair.

Klaus Von Reinherz Cosplay Costumes

Because Klaus wears a rather normal outfit in the manga series Blood Blockade Battlefront, you should be able to gather most of the clothing pieces needed in your wardrobe. If you’re having a bit of difficulty finding what you need, sneak into a formalwear shop for the dressier items such as the burgundy tie or the black vest. Aside from the clothes, the crucial items needed for the cosplay are a similar brown wig and fang teeth to replicate the noticeable underbite.

If you’d like group cosplay, we recommend checking out the manga or anime shows to see fellow members of Libra that you can team up with like Leonardo Watch, Zapp Renfro, and Chain Sumeragi. You can also get an idea of how the characters act which may help make your costume even better. After suiting up like Klaus, gather all your Libra members together to take a few photos to be displayed in the Blood Blockade Battlefront cosplay gallery.

Klaus Von Reinherz Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the supernatural and action-packed world of “Blood Blockade Battlefront” with our Klaus Von Reinherz costume guide FAQ. As the leader of the secret organization Libra, Klaus is known for his gentlemanly demeanor, immense strength, and distinct sense of style. This guide will help you recreate his iconic look, perfect for fans of the anime and manga series.

Klaus Von Reinherz's outfit exudes a sense of classic sophistication mixed with battle readiness. His attire includes a white dress shirt, a dark green tie, and a tailored black waistcoat. Over this, he wears a distinctive long red coat with black accents and a high collar. The coat is a crucial element of his character's design. Pair these with black dress pants and polished dress shoes. Don't forget his signature glasses, which are round and wire-framed.

Klaus has distinct red hair, styled in a slicked-back manner with some volume. This look can be achieved with a wig or by styling your own hair with gel if it's long enough. He has a strong jawline and a calm, composed facial expression. Use makeup subtly to define your features in a similar manner.

Klaus wears classic, polished black dress shoes. Choose a pair that is sleek and well-maintained, as they should reflect his meticulous and refined personality. The shoes should complement the formal aspect of his outfit, fitting for the leader of Libra.

Apart from his glasses, Klaus's most notable accessory is his bracelet, which is central to his ability to cast "Brain Grid Blood Battle Technique." You might also consider carrying a prop that resembles his battle technique's grid structure or a faux book, as he is often portrayed as knowledgeable and strategic.

Incorporating Klaus's quotes can add depth to your portrayal. Here are a few: "As long as I wear these glasses, I can see it all.," "No matter what happens, I'll handle it calmly.," "We may not be able to save everyone, but we can't stop trying.," "There are things in this world that are worth protecting." and "A gentleman must always be courageous and act with conviction." These quotes reflect Klaus's leadership qualities, his sense of responsibility, and his unwavering resolve, capturing the essence of his character in "Blood Blockade Battlefront."

About Klaus Von Reinherz

Due to his nature, Klaus Von Reinherz tends to overstress himself with worrying about the safety of others, especially Leonardo Watch. He generally puts himself on the line to save others which is something that Zap and Daniel Law take advantage of. In the original one-shot pilot for the Japanese manga Blood Blockade Battlefront, Klaus is a “Fang Hunter” who acts as an agent of the Vatican’s Jagtkreuz.

He hunts down vampires as told in the story of Blood Breeds. At some point prior to the story, Klaus becomes a victim of a vampire himself and was sealed away in a giant Stone crucifix. His infection grew to level 12. If it grew to level 13, Klaus himself would become a blood breed as well. Though the plot centers around Leonardo Watch, Klaus is a main character due to his position as the head of Libra.

Klaus Von Reinherz

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