How to Dress like Kip Dynamite

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Gildan Men's Cotton Sleeveless
Aviator Navigator Reading Glasses
Medium Brown Basic Character Moustache
Suddora Wrist Sweatband
Russell Athletic Fleece Sweatpant
Rubies Ninja Sais
Slip-On Casual Sneaker

Best Kip Dynamite Costume Guide

Show off your sweet ninja skills dressed like Kipland “Kip” Dynamite, the older brother of Napoleon from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, portrayed by Aaron Ruell. Take a break from talking to babes online to be schooled by Rex at his dojo. Get the complete costume with a Gildan Men’s Cotton Sleeveless, Russell Athletic Fleece Sweatpant, Slip-On Casual Sneaker, Medium Brown Basic Character Moustache, Aviator Navigator Reading Glasses, Suddora Wrist Sweatband, and Rubies Ninja Sais.

Kip Dynamite Cosplay Costumes

Kip Dynamite happens to be the older brother of Napoleon Dynamite and he’s quite an interesting character to choose to dress up as this year. He’s still figuring out who he is as a person so he does things such as trying out a dojo class to talking to babes online. He’s quite an interesting character and someone perfect for a group cosplay. We recommend finding a few friends who are willing to get the look of Napoleon or even as his wife, LaFawnduh to have a pretty cool group costume that will get others talking.

The things you’ll need to replicate the look is a blue sleeveless shirt, aviator reading glasses, a basic brown mustache, a Suddora wrist sweatband. Fleece sweatpants, Ninja sais, and slip-on sneakers. We’d love to see how creative you can get when creating this character so send over a few pictures of your costume so we can feature them on our site!

Kip Dynamite Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the quirky charm of “Napoleon Dynamite” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Kip Dynamite, Napoleon’s older brother known for his unique style and memorable quotes. This guide will help you capture Kip’s distinctively nerdy and endearing look, perfect for fans of this cult classic film.

Kip Dynamite's outfit typically includes a short-sleeved, light-colored, button-down shirt, often with a pocket protector and pens. He pairs this with high-waisted, light-colored pants (like khakis), and plain white sneakers. Kip's look is completed with large, black, square-framed glasses, and he often carries a fanny pack.

To recreate Kip's style, opt for a retro-looking, light-colored, short-sleeved shirt — something that looks slightly outdated or nerdy. Tuck the shirt into high-waisted pants and use a simple belt. Add a pocket protector with pens in the shirt pocket for an extra touch of character.

Kip's glasses are a key part of his look. Use large, black, square-framed glasses. If you don't need prescription glasses, you can find non-prescription or fake glasses that fit this description at costume stores or online.

Kip is often seen with a fanny pack, which is both a practical and a style element of his character. Choose a simple, solid-colored fanny pack to wear around your waist. This accessory not only adds to the authenticity of the costume but also gives you a handy place to store your belongings.

Including Kip's quotes will make your portrayal more engaging. Here are some memorable ones: "Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day.," "Yes, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see. But I still love technology. Always and forever.," "I'm just really trying to raise a few bucks now so I can bring her out for a few days.," "Like anyone can even know that, Napoleon." and "She's uh... she's got sandy blonde hair. She's uh... pretty tall." These quotes capture Kip Dynamite's awkward yet sincere personality, his somewhat delusional confidence, and his memorable dialogue from the film.

About Kip Dynamite

Kip who is thirty-two and still living at home, is definitely your stereotypical weak character who can’t even take so much as a small slap on the hand. He’s quiet and speaks softly but even so, he still tries to act tough, especially after meeting LaFawnduh. He always brags about his wrestling abilities and how he talks to so many “babes” online, but he does end up meeting his future wife on one of the chat rooms. Kip helped use some of his money that he earned from his salesman business in order to get her a bus to Preston as she is originally from Detroit. From there on, Kip and LaFawnduh hit it off and it’s a whirlwind of romance. It’s not long before they get married and Kip moves to Detroit with her. After meeting LaFawnduh as well, Kip took on somewhat of an urban persona to possibly try and play up his supposed tough side.

Kip Dynamite

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