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Kingpin Costume Guide
Suit Jacket
Colonial Jabot
Dress Vest
Button Down Dress Shirt
Wooden Walking Stick
Trousers Flat Front Slacks
Clarks Men's Tilden
Large Fake Puff Cigar
Twill Pocket Square

Best Kingpin Halloween Costume Guide

Wilson Fisk is the true identity of the Marvel Comics villain Kingpin. You have seen him fighting against superheroes like Spider-Man, Daredevil, The Punisher, and the Avengers. Unlike most villains, Kingpin doesn’t even need super powers to be terrifying! He made his first appearance in the comic book The Amazing Spider-Man #50 in 1967. You may want to steer clear of this guy though here’s the complete guide to dress like him!

Cosplay the look of Kingpin with a White Suit Jacket, Colonial Jabot, Dress Vest, Button Down Dress Shirt, a pair of  Flat Front Slacks, and Clarks Men Tilden Shoes. Add in his necessary accessories with a Wooden Walking Stick, Large Fake Puff Cigar, and Twill Pocket Square.

Kingpin Cosplay Costumes

Why dress up as a superhero when you can be a hardcore Marvel villain? Kingpin is a great cosplay because he has super sweet style! We have all of the pieces you need to get fancy on a budget. Wilson Fisk is a bad to the bone dude, and now you can get that exact look! Let’s get started recreating this costume.

Start out with a yellow vest and colonial jabot layered over a button down dress shirt. Over your dress shirt, put on a white suit jacket. Then, place a purple pocket square inside your jacket pocket. For you pants, put on a pair purple slacks. Then, grab a pair of dress shoes and a wooden walking stick to carry around. Don’t forget a big fake cigar to really get the mob look! Now that you’re a super villain team up with his archenemy Daredevil or The Punisher for group cosplay. Submit a picture of your completed look to be featured to give others inspiration for recreating Kingpin’s look!

About Kingpin

Wilson Fisk is known better as Kingpin. Of all the antihero villains, this guy is so powerful that he doesn’t need super powers to go after his enemies! Wilson began working as Don Rigoletto’s bodyguard but eventually killed him. Wilson quickly took over Rigoletto’s mob empire without blinking an eye and turned himself into Kingpin.

As Kingpin, he didn’t want his son to learn the horrible things he did in life. But, he couldn’t keep the secret from him forever. Unfortunately, his son, Richard Fisk, turned his back on his father and aimed to defeat him at his own game. Since Kingpin doesn’t have any powers of his own, there must be something that makes him unstoppable, right? It’s his bull-like strength. Kingpin is built like a bag of bricks, making it very difficult to harm him. Spiderman and Daredevil have their sights set on Kingpin, but even they have a hard time destroying taking him down!


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