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Best King Zog Costume Guide

King Zog is a significant character appearing in the animated adult comedy, Disenchantment, the newest show by Matt Groening on Netflix. King Zog is known as the tyrannical ruler of Dreamland and the father of Bean and Derek. He was formerly known as the “Warrior Prince” because he was a skilled fighter. Zog is never really viewed himself as much of a ruler because he rather enjoyed fighting and competing in events like the caber-toss. But after his older brother, Yog, who was the first heir to Dreamland’s throne, was mysteriously poisoned, he had to assume the throne.

Get the look of the unlikely ruler with the best King Zog costume guide. Dress up to look like King Zog with his complete outfit put together from a Medieval Tunic, Gothic Pants, Cloak, and Renaissance Boots. Complete the look with an Orange Hair Wig and a Fake Moustache. Of course, you’ll need a Crown to have the look of a true king.

King Zog Cosplay Costumes

King Zog is typically seen wearing a green robe with yellow trim on the sleeves and hem. His cloak is a darker shade of green. He has orange hair and facial features that are quite large—especially his nose, eyes, and ears. He also has a large handlebar mustache. When he was younger, King Zog looked pretty much as he did now, except then, he had more defined muscles with an incredibly fit physique. The weigh he gaining is said to have been from overindulgence and grief after the supposed death of his wife, Dagmar.

Throw a Disenchantment viewing party for you and your friends to dress up as Elfo, Princess Bean, Queen Oona, and Sir Pendergast. Or throw a Matt Groening themed event and have people dress up as their favorite character from shoes The Simpsons and Futurama.

King Zog Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the fantastical world of “Disenchantment” with our detailed costume guide FAQ, focusing on the character King Zog. As the gruff yet endearing ruler of Dreamland, King Zog’s distinctive medieval appearance makes for an exciting cosplay. This guide is designed to assist you in accurately replicating his royal attire, ensuring you capture the essence of this beloved character.

King Zog's costume primarily includes a long, red royal robe with fur trimmings at the collar and cuffs, a golden crown with green jewels, a light blue tunic, and dark pants. Additionally, he often wears brown boots and a thick belt. The robe and crown are key to capturing his regal presence.

To create King Zog's crown, you can use a base of a plain gold-colored crown from a costume store and adorn it with green gem-like decorations. Craft materials like green acrylic gems and gold paint can be used to achieve the look of his iconic crown.

King Zog's robe is a rich red color with white fur trim at the collar and cuffs. The robe should be long, reaching almost to the ground. You can either find a similar robe or customize a plain red robe by adding faux white fur trim.

King Zog has a distinctive look with a bushy, grey beard and hair. If you don't have similar hair, consider using a grey wig and a matching fake beard. His eyebrows are also quite thick and grey, which can be replicated with makeup or a costume eyebrow kit.

King Zog, known for his grumpy yet humorous demeanor, has several memorable lines such as: “I'm King Zog! I don't need to make sense!,” “I don't trust things that do jobs I don't understand!,” “I've been yelling at people all day, and I'm not about to stop!,” “This is a crisis! A large crisis. In fact, if you got a moment, it's a twelve-story crisis with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, 24-hour porterage, and an enormous sign on the roof, saying 'This Is a Large Crisis'.” and “I like war. But I wouldn't say I love it.” These quotes perfectly encapsulate King Zog's personality and will add an authentic touch to your cosplay, making it more interactive and enjoyable for both you and others.

About King Zog

As the ruler of Dreamland, King Zog is the typical tyrannical king you hear about in medieval times. He has his best interests in mind and not much else. He is also seen to be quite cruel, often teasing his son Derek mercilessly and yelling a lot especially at his daughter, Bean. It is assumed that his personality became so as a result of his great loss—the loss of his beloved and “perfect” wife Queen Dagmar. She was turned to stone 15 years prior and he has missed her dearly ever since. In an attempt to save her, he passionately seeks for the Elixir of Life to restore her life.

Unfortunately, his insensitivity and inability to deal with emotions brought about by his bitterness over his wife’s death has caused a huge rift between himself and his daughter, Bean. Instead of having a healthy relationship with her, she was instead brought up by her handmaiden Bunty and numerous drinking buddies.

King Zog

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