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Best King George III Costume Guide

King George III is the main antagonist of the first act of the award-winning Broadway musical and film, Hamilton. George III is the King of England who is not so pleased with America’s success in the Revolutionary War. He claims that America cheated to win the war with France and that England is now fighting with France and Spain—referring to the Anglo-French War and Anglo-Spanish War. The king became popular because of his madness, with his mental healthy progressively deteriorating. His bouts of insanity have been attributed to the disease called porphyria. Some say it was because of his medicine, which may have contained toxic amounts of arsenic.

Transform yourself into an absolute monarch by following this King George III costume guide. Cosplay the King from Hamilton by dressing up in a King’s Robe, Red Pants, King’s Helmet, and White Hair Wig. Complete the royal look with Chain Clips, Knee High Socks, White Bow Tie, and King’s Staff.

King George III Cosplay Costumes

Transform into the famous mad king when cosplaying King George III from Hamilton. If you’re not afraid of accessories and absolutely love the pomp and pageantry of dressing up, then this ensemble is the perfect look for you! Layer on a royal plush robe that has a white outer cape and a red inner cape. Underneath, you get to wear comfortable red pants and on your royal feet, knee-high socks to go with a pair of classic white shoes.

Of course, you will have a ball accessorizing like a King. The classic white hair wig, the staff, the bow tie, the chain clips, and last but definitely not the least, the crown that will rest on top of your royal head. Since you’re the one who choses to put on this pompous getup, it will be a lot easier to convince a mate to go with you dressed up as Alexander Hamilton.

King George III Costume Tips & FAQs

Step back into the revolutionary era with our costume guide FAQ for King George III from the critically acclaimed musical “Hamilton.” Known for his regal presence and memorable songs, King George III’s outfit is a symbol of his royal status and theatrical personality. This guide will assist you in recreating his lavish and iconic look, perfect for fans who adore his unique blend of humor and historical significance.

King George III's costume in "Hamilton" is an extravagant royal outfit that includes a lavish, red military-style coat adorned with gold trim and decorations, a white vest, and breeches. The outfit is completed with white stockings, black buckled shoes, a royal crown, and a scepter. He also wears a white ruffled ascot or cravat.

To replicate the coat, start with a red military-style coat as the base. Add gold trim, epaulets, and decorative buttons to mimic the regal and ornate style typical of 18th-century royal attire. Pay attention to the details like gold braiding and medals to capture the extravagance of the costume.

For the crown, look for a classic gold royal crown with faux jewels. The scepter should also be regal in appearance, with a gold handle and an ornate head, possibly adorned with faux gems. These are essential elements to showcase his status as the king.

Complete the look with white stockings and black shoes with buckles. Additionally, a white powdered wig in a Georgian style will enhance the authenticity of the costume, reflecting the fashion of the era.

King George III in "Hamilton" is known for his humorous and slightly menacing demeanor. Some memorable quotes include: "You'll be back, soon you'll see, you'll remember you belong to me." and "I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love." Incorporating his theatrical mannerisms, such as an exaggerated royal wave or a condescending smirk, can add depth to your portrayal.

About King George III

King George is often referred to as the “Mad King Who Lost America.” After years of glorious reign in which he declared victory in the Seven Years’ War, unified Ireland and Britain, and was the sitting king when Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, his last few years were remembered for his growing madness. He rambled nonsense for 58 hours straight, forgot that his wife already died, and even forgot that he was king, let alone the longest-ruling present-day monarch in British history.

This character was played by several actors during its Broadway performance, but it was Jonathan Groff who donned the crown for Disney+ release. One of the details that trended about the show was Groff’s excessive saliva when he performs. Eventually, it was revealed that the actor intentionally drinks water backstage before he goes onstage so he will intentionally spit during his performance—salivating is one way to enhance King George’s madness.

King George III

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