How to Dress Like King Bob

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Gold Crown
Red and Blue Tape
3 Quarter Sleeve Shirt
Red Blanket as the Cape
Charcoal Joggers
Knee High Socks

Best King Bob Costume Guide

Calling all cosplayers with a unibrow! Greatly under-represented on the cosplay circuit, the unibrow has come to represent strength of character or lack thereof, especially in Disney’s Recess character Robert “King Bob.” Though King Bob rules the Third Street School playground as a sixth grader, he is still friends with T.J. Detweiler. A perfect costume for last minute cosplays, following this guide, we’ll have you ready to take your easy chair throne on the playground with 7 easy to pieces.

In order of the necessary items, you’ll need a Gold Crown and Wristband along with a pair of Charcoal Joggers and Knee High Socks. Use a Red Blanket as his cape over a 3 Quarter Sleeve Shirt. To make the numbers and stripes, we recommend Red and Blue Tape.

King Bob Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking for an easy cosplay, we recommend King Bob from Disney series, Recess. This look can be pulled off by anyone. Start with a white 3 quarter sleeve shirt and gray joggers. Add a set of white sweatbands and a pair of socks, striped or not. Painters tape in red and blue will go a long way. Use it to make the trademark #8 on his shirt as well as the stripes on the sleeves and sweatbands.

If you can’t find a pair of socks with the color stripes you need, buy a plain pair and make the stripes with the tape. It’s easily found in most hardware sections. The crown can be purchased at a costume shop or made from supplies from the craft section. A red sheet, blanket or even large piece of material will make a serviceable cape. Add a hockey stick to really sell the look. For group fun, add advisers Jordan and Jerome or his friend T.J. Detweiler. Check out the featured cosplay pics for more ideas!

King Bob Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the playful and adventurous world of “Recess” with our King Bob costume guide FAQ. King Bob, the respected and slightly aloof ruler of the playground in the animated series “Recess,” is known for his regal demeanor and distinctive attire. This FAQ is designed to assist you in recreating King Bob’s unique look, perfect for nostalgic-themed events, cartoon character cosplay, or any occasion where you wish to embody the essence of playground royalty.

King Bob's outfit is a blend of casual school wear and regal accessories, reflecting his status as the king of the playground. His costume includes a basic white T-shirt, green cargo shorts, and a pair of sneakers. The most distinctive element of his attire is his royal cape and crown, which signify his role as king. The cape can be made from a simple purple fabric, and the crown can be a basic gold paper or fabric crown, possibly adorned with faux jewels.

King Bob has a straightforward hairstyle, short and neat, typical of a young boy. It's a basic, easy-to-maintain haircut, so if your hair is already short, simply style it in a clean and tidy manner. If needed, a short brown wig can be used.

As an animated character, King Bob doesn't require any specific makeup. The key is to maintain a youthful and clean appearance. If you want to add a playful touch, you could draw in exaggerated eyebrows with makeup to mimic the animated style of the character.

In addition to his cape and crown, consider carrying a scepter or makeshift staff to enhance the royal theme. You can create a scepter using a dowel rod painted gold and decorated with craft supplies. Also, King Bob is often seen with a whistle around his neck, which is a simple yet effective addition to complete the look.

King Bob's character is known for his commanding yet fair leadership style. Including some of his memorable quotes can add authenticity to your portrayal. Some ideas for quotes include: "As king of the playground, it is my duty...," "Let the games begin!," "I hereby decree...," "To the dodgeball wall!" and "This is a matter for the king to decide." These phrases capture King Bob's authoritative yet playful role on the playground, making your costume more engaging and true to the character's essence.

About King Bob

Self-crowned King Bob, 6th-grade ruler of Third Street Elementary School is not just your average bully. He’s smart and rules his little kingdom by a strict set of rules. Set up very much like a monarchy, King Bob has enforcers to carry out his rules. He is impatient, domineering and commanding. He is over-vigilant in retaliation, often going to great lengths to return a slight. This obsession has often led to a dereliction of his duties. His need to win sometimes outweighs his need to rule.

Despite his overbearing personality, King Bob can be honorable and seems to care about the management of the playground. Educated in the unwritten, student code of conduct, as well as the official rules of the playground, Bob has set ideas about grade distinctions. In this way, he maintains order between the age groups in the school. These high ideals don’t extend to the guards who carry him around in his armchair throne.

King Bob

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