How to Dress Like Khal Drogo

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Long Black Warrior Wig
Long Black Beard
Face Paint
Armband and Wrist Guard
Faux Leather Armor
Fisherman Wrap Pants
Bloody Weapons Sickle
Men's Captain Boots

Best Khal Drogo Costume Guide

If ever there was a savage warrior who we couldn’t help but like on a television series, Khal Drogo from the HBO show The Game of Thrones is that character. His strong build and ferocious manner made us believe he was an evil warlord, but he has much more depth to him than just a warrior. Khal Drogo’s appearance is also just as important as his skills in battle, because it shows more about who he is than some would suspect.

Follow this cosplay guide to get the look of Khal Drogo. Dress up with a Long Black Warrior Wig and Long Black Beard, Face Paint, an Armband and Wrist Guard, Faux Leather Armor, Fisherman Viscose Wrap Pants, Bloody Weapons Sickle, and Captain Boots.

Khal Drogo Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking for the most savage warrior to dress like from The Game of Thrones, then you should recreate Khal Drogo’s look with these few key items. First, you will need a long black wig to tie into a braid because this shows that Drogo has never been defeated in battle since he has never cut his hair. Next, add a long black beard, paint to your eyes and chest for his war paint, and faux leather armor for the classic warrior look.

Khal Drogo is a warlord of the Dothraki, who are fierce warriors. He often shows off his skills with bloody weapons. Add a sickle weapon with fake blood on it to recreate his battle-ready appearance. Finish the costume off with baggy brown pants and brown captain boots. You can even grab a friend to dress as Khaleesi, also known as Daenerys Targaryen, to have the best couples cosplay! Check out the other Khal Drogo costumes in the cosplay gallery. Also, send us a picture of your The Game of Thrones costume when you have it ready!

Khal Drogo Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the fierce and proud world of the Dothraki with our costume guide for Khal Drogo, the formidable warlord from the acclaimed series “Game of Thrones.” Known for his fearsome combat skills, distinct tribal look, and his deep love for Daenerys Targaryen, Drogo’s look is both iconic and intimidating. This guide is perfect for fans looking to embody this powerful character at cosplay events, themed parties, or any gathering celebrating the epic fantasy of “Game of Thrones.” We’ll answer your most common questions about creating an authentic Khal Drogo costume.

Khal Drogo's outfit reflects his status as a Dothraki leader. Essential components include a leather waist belt with a loincloth, leather pants, and arm bands. He's often bare-chested, showcasing his muscular build and distinctive tribal tattoos. His look is completed with his long, braided hair, often adorned with small bells, and a thick, full beard.

Khal Drogo has long, dark hair, typically styled in a braid, and a full, thick beard. To replicate his hairstyle, use a long, dark wig that can be braided, and add small bells or beads for authenticity. The beard should be full and well-groomed, fitting his warrior appearance.

Khal Drogo wears rugged, strappy leather sandals or boots, suitable for the rough terrain of the Dothraki Sea. The footwear should be practical and have a tribal, handmade look.

Key accessories for a Khal Drogo costume include his arakh (a distinctive curved sword), leather wrist and arm bands, and the belt with a loincloth. Recreating his tribal tattoos with temporary tattoo paper or body paint can add authenticity to the costume.

Khal Drogo is known for his commanding presence and Dothraki language. Here are some memorable quotes: "Anha vazhak yeraan thirat.," "Moon of my life.," "Anha zhilak yera save." and "Yer jalan atthirari anni." (You are the moon of my life.). These quotes capture Khal Drogo's powerful character, his love for Daenerys, and his role as a Khal, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo is the love of Daenerys Targaryen from the beginning of the HBO hit television series, The Game of Thrones. Although we know their love is undying, Drogo’s appearance in the beginning of the series led us to believe he would be a fearful and an unforgiving chief. Drogo comes from a village of warlords who are known as the horse lords. They are skilled fighters who are unforgiving in times of war and relentless seeking knowledge and people are searching for.

Khal Drogo is known to his people as an undefeated leader in battle as evidenced by his long braid. Dothraki must cut their hair once they’ve been beaten and Drogo’s is all the way down his back. Drogo is arranged to marry Daenerys Targaryen, but she is frightened of him personally and physically. Drogo turns out to be very loving toward his new wife, showing that he is much more than just a savage.

Khal Drogo

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