How to Dress Like Ken

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Brown Wig
Blue Silk Scarf
Blue Cheetah Print Shirt
Khaki Belt with Gold Buckle
Sun Jade Cali Shorts
Blue Loafers

Best Ken Costume Guide

First introduced in 1961 by Mattel, Ken Carson is the fictional boyfriend of the popular toy doll Barbie. Ken is a fashion doll that was created by Elliot Handler, whom he named after his son. Ken Carson comes from Willows, Wisconsin and according to legend met Barbie on the set of a television commercial where the two fell in love. Just like Barbie, Ken is highly fashionable as seen in his appearance in the Disney Pixar Toy Story series. The two have an on/off relationship with each other. He currently resides in Malibu, California. Become Barbie’s love interest with this Ken costume guide.

To dress up like Ken Carson, first, start by wearing a Brown Wig. Next, wear a Blue Cheetah Print Shirt and tie a Blue Silk Scarf around your neck. Next, put on a pair of Sun Jade Cali Shorts with a Khaki Belt with Gold Buckle. Finally, slip on Steel Blue Boat Shoes. Now you’ve got the look of the most popular guy in the Barbie universe!

Ken Cosplay Costumes

Dressing up like the doll Ken Carson is really easy. All you really need is a laid back attitude, fashionable clothes, and a healthy amount of charm. Just like the Mattel Barbie doll, Ken is super fashionable with all of the latest styles of clothing. One essential item you’ll need is a brown wig to match his signature hairstyle.

This rendition of Ken’s outfit is from when he appeared on the popular Disney Pixar movie, Toy Story 3. Dressing up in this costume is great excuse to get your friends to dress up as well. Ask them to cosplay their favorite Toy Story characters like Sheriff Woody, Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl, and Buzz Lightyear. If you have a partner or a special friend, ask her to dress up as Barbie! Because a Ken cosplay isn’t complete without her. If you still need more cosplay inspiration, check out the hundreds of other movie costume guides on Costume Wall.

Ken Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the stylish and charming world of Ken, the iconic character from the Barbie franchise, with our Ken costume guide FAQ. Embrace the fashionable and debonair spirit of Barbie’s longtime companion as we delve into your most pressing questions about creating a costume that captures Ken’s classic and versatile look.

Ken's outfit is known for its clean-cut, preppy style, often reflecting the latest fashion trends. Essential elements include a neat, casual shirt (like a polo or button-up), well-fitted trousers or shorts, and a stylish jacket or blazer. Ken is also known for his perfectly coiffed hair, usually in a side-part style. His look is completed with clean, smart shoes, like loafers or dress shoes.

Ken's hairstyle is a short, tidy cut with a side part. Use hair gel or pomade to achieve a sleek, combed look. Ken typically has a clean-shaven face, so a smooth, well-groomed appearance is key. If you're replicating a specific version of Ken, adjust your hairstyle to match that particular doll's look.

Choose clothing that is preppy and well-tailored. Popular colors for Ken's outfits include pastels, nautical blues, crisp whites, and occasionally brighter colors for a more playful look. The key is to keep the outfit looking polished and fashionable, as Ken is known for his impeccable style.

Accessories that can enhance your Ken costume include a stylish watch, a pair of sunglasses, and perhaps a faux tennis racket or golf club, reflecting Ken's portrayal as enjoying various leisure activities. You can also carry a small Barbie doll or wear a name tag with "Ken" on it to make the character instantly recognizable.

While Ken is not known for specific catchphrases, embodying his personality can add depth to your costume. Ken is often portrayed as charming, friendly, and supportive. He's also seen as athletic and adventurous. Adopting a confident yet approachable demeanor can help you capture the essence of Ken's character.

About Ken

Ken Carson is a popular doll famously known for being the love interest of Mattel’s popular Barbie doll. Mattel has created a highly successful toy line with a diverse range of clothing and accessories. He was represented in the animated form in the hit Disney Pixar movie Toy Story 3, where he joined forces with the evil Lotso bear. But he wasn’t as respected as other toys in the movie as he was considered to be a girl’s toy.

Ken Carson has a love for different outfits, which he keeps in his Dream House. In the movie, he falls in love with Barbie and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He has a very expressive personality which he flaunts when around Barbie. He is loving, caring and a morally good person who is quick to realize that he’s does something bad. Dressing up as him is very entertaining and we’re sure you’ll enjoy cosplaying him!


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