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Kayako Saeki Costume Guide
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Best Kayako Saeki Costume Guide

Kayako Saeki is the main antagonist in the The Grudge, and the Japanese Ju-On series from which The Grudge was adapted. Kayako appears in ghostly form to terrorize anybody who moves in to the home she used to occupy in human life. While alive, Kayako was a housewife who had fallen in love with her son’s teacher, and was ultimately killed by her husband in a jealous rage. As a ghost she takes revenge on her husband, and in the afterlife the whole family kills everybody who steps into their old home.

Kayako is particularly well known for horrifically contorting her body and emitting a blood-curdling croaking sound while stalking her victims. If you want to terrify your friends this Halloween and dress as The Grudge’s Kayako Saeki, you’ll need a Nightgown, Straight Black Hair, White Face and Body Paint for that authentic corpse look, some Black Eyeshadow and of course some Fake Blood.

Kayako Saeki Cosplay Costumes

Kayako Saeki is one of many film characters who originated in Japanese horror films before they were adapted for Hollywood, and has many of the similar traits – dark long hair covering her face, big eyes, twisted movements and a haunting death rattle. Also, they all make awesome costumes for you to try out, especially around Halloween, and they really aren’t super difficult to put together, as long as you have plenty of pale white makeup!

The Grudge franchise was also hugely popular when it was released, and many people would still have nightmares today about that creepy figure contorting herself backwards down the stairs. So if you want to terrify everyone around you, this is the costume for you. Maybe if you have a friend who wants to join in, you could check out our Samara Morgan guide, from one of the other major Japanese film adaptions, The Ring.

About Kayako Saeki

Kayako Saeki is one of the main antagonists in the Grudge franchise of films. Based on a Japanese film called Ju-On, the films told the story of a curse which left Kayako to haunt her old family home after dying there in horrible circumstances. The curse states that when someone dies in a state of rage, these feelings remain there to kill whoever enters the house.

In life, Kayako was killed by her jealous husband (who also killed their son) because he thought she was having an affair. She in turn became the vengeful ghost and killed him, leaving all three family members to spend eternity to dwell in the house of their death and murder anybody who moves into the home. In death, she is a tormented, twisted spirit who is unable to rest peacefully and has death in store for anybody who dares to cross her.

Kayako Saeki

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