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Katsuki Bakugou Costume Guide

Best Katsuki Bakugou Costume Guide

Katsuki Bakugo is one of two protagonists in the Japanese anime series, My Hero Academia. He is a member of Class 1A in the Hero Department of U.A. High School. Portrayed as an arrogant young man with an inflated view of himself, Katsuki grew up in the same neighborhood as Izuku Midoriya. They encountered one another during childhood, and Katsuki ultimately bullies Izuku. Katsuki is one of the strongest students in Class 1-A, thanks to his Explosion Quirk.

This Katsuki Bakugo costume is an anime lover’s dream! Get the anti-hero look with a Katsuki Bakugo costume, which consists of a sleeveless grey top, slim-fitting black pants, harness/straps, and a pair of black and orange gloves. His accessories include a Grenade Hand Warmer, Katsuki Bakugo Mask, and Katsuki Bakugo Boots. A spiky Blonde Wig, completes the look!

Katsuki Bakugou Cosplay Costumes

Katsuki is the average height with bright red eyes and short, spiky blond hair. His lightly tanned skin highlights his slim, but muscular build. His hero costume includes a black sleeveless top with a large orange “X” across his chest. Katsuki wears a metallic brace with rectangular ends around his neck. The belt that holds up his baggy pants also carries grenades. The black, jagged face mask that he wears, flares out to black and orange shapes on the side of his head. You only need red eye contacts to get Katsuki’s natural eye color. At school, Katsugi wears the standard U.A. High School uniform consists of a white shirt, red tie, and pants. His pants fit loosely, even with the belt.

This My Hero Academia character cosplay is an anime fan’s dream come true. Join friends to regroup as the cast of the popular Japanese anime. Don’t cosplay as Katsuki Bakugo alone. Instead get friends to dress up like Shoto Todoroki, Kyoka Jiro, Himiko Toga, and Momo Yaoyorozu, and other U.A. High School students preparing to be heroes as a group cosplay.

About Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki is very powerful, thanks to his Explosion Quirk. From his palms, he secretes nitroglycerin-like sweat, which he can use to detonate anytime he chooses. The more sweat he produces, the stronger the explosions. He also uses this Quirk as a means to propel himself into the air. He uses these explosions to fly at his opponents, which often catches them off guard. He trained his Quirk by submerging his hands into boiling water. This exercise expanded his sweat glands allowing him to make chain explosions.

Katsuki also makes use of other equipment to maximize his explosion abilities. The grenadier bracers on his costume strategically gather his sweat. Once the grenade is full of sweat, he can pull the pin to create a massive blast. The blast is generally strong enough to destroy a building within its blast radius. The anti-hero also uses improvised grenades, which also stores his sweat and to be used as regular grenades.

Katsuki Bakugou

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