Katara Costume Guide
Contestant Wig
Water Tribe Outfit
Katara Necklace
Elastic Legging
Fingerless Gloves
Women's Knee High Boots

Best Katara Halloween Costume Guide

If you don’t know who Katara is, you’re missing out on a really amazing anime heroine. She is the main characters from the popular Nickelodeon animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. As a highly skilled waterbender, she has the ability to telekinetically control water and ice. Along with her brother Sokka and Aang, they embark on a quest to help put an end to the destruction caused by the Fire Nation. Get the look of Katara with this complete costume guide.

Cosplay Katara’s minimalistic costume with the iconic Water Tribe Outfit. Next, wear the Contestant Wig and signature Katara Necklace. Finally, complete her look with Elastic Legging, Fingerless Gloves, and Women’s Knee High Boots. Now, go forth to become the best Waterbender in the world!

Katara Cosplay Costumes

There’s no cooler power than bending water and ice to your will. Katara, with thousands of hours of practice, was able to do just that. Practicing her moves will make your Katara cosplay even more convincing! You’ll need her Water Tribe Outfit along with Elastic Legging, Fingerless Gloves, and Women’s Knee High Boots. Unless you have hair to match Katara’s style, add a basic wig and her signature Necklace to make the cosplay as accurate as possible.

It’s also important to remember Katara is extremely caring and protective of her friends and family. And that’s who you should bring into the fold for this cosplay. Your friends can dress up as their own favorite Avatar: The Last Airbender characters like Sokka and Aang. You could expand even expand theme further to include top Nickelodeon characters. With hundreds of costume guides on Costume Wall, anything is possible! Submit a picture of your final Katara costume to be posted in the cosplay gallery!

About Katara

Katara, from the Nickelodeon animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, is the true definition of power. Nothing was simply handed to her on a silver platter. Still, she persevered, trained, and became the deadliest waterbender in the entire world! From a very young age, she was faced with tragedy. Her mother was murdered at a young age and then her father left to fight in the war against the Fire Nation.

This left Katara devastated. As a result, she became extremely protective of her friends and family, especially Aang and her brother Sokka. She quickly learned to take charge becoming strong willed and compassionate. She worked hard to master waterbending even more than Avatar himself. Later, she became the world’s strongest healer and after Aang’s passing became the waterbending trainer of the next Avatar, Korra.


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