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Best Katana Costume Guide

Get in costume as Katana also known as Tatsu Yamashiro, the superheroine from DC Comic’s Suicide Squad played by Karen Fukuhara. Tatsu is a Japanese warrior who also expertly wields a katana in CW’s Arrow series alongside the Green Arrow. Transform into character with a Katana Suicide Squad Jacket, Faux Leather Leggings, Knee-high Lace-up Patent Leather Boots, Katana Mask, and Katana Adult Wig. Get Katana’s complete look with Red Kung Fu Sashes and Fingerless Tactical Gloves.

Katana Cosplay Costumes

Fans of DC comics and movies will no doubt recognize Katana. While a popular character in the DC comics, Katana received even more attention with the release of the movie “Suicide Squad.” Any DC fan looking for a cool character with an easy costume to replicate should seriously consider Katana. Katana generally wears black leather pants and a decorated black bomber jacket. Throw in black combat boots, gloves, and her mask, which can be purchased online. Don’t forget Katana’s famous sword! If your friends want to join in, have them dress as other members of the Suicide Squad, like Harley Quinn or Deadshot.

Katana Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the captivating and lethal style of Katana from “Suicide Squad” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. This section is designed to assist you in accurately recreating the distinct look of this enigmatic samurai warrior, providing answers to your most pressing questions about embodying her unique and powerful presence.

Katana's costume is characterized by its tactical yet traditional appearance. Key elements include a black and red jacket with distinctive white patterns, tight black pants, combat boots, and fingerless gloves. The look is completed with her signature mask, which covers the lower half of her face, and of course, her iconic katana sword.

Katana's mask is a crucial part of her look. You can create a DIY version using black fabric or leather, cutting it to cover the lower half of your face and adding white designs to match her style. Alternatively, look for a ready-made mask in costume stores or online, ensuring it has a similar pattern.

For Katana's hairstyle, aim for a sleek, straight black hair, often tied back in a low ponytail. Makeup should be minimal yet bold, with emphasis on the eyes. Dark eyeliner and a bit of eyeshadow to create a fierce and focused look are ideal.

Absolutely! For safety and authenticity, you can craft a replica of Katana's sword using materials like foam, wood, or plastic. There are also pre-made replicas available online or in costume shops. Ensure that the sword is convention-safe if you plan to attend events.

Bringing Katana's character to life in your cosplay can be further enriched by using her memorable quotes from "Suicide Squad." Some notable ones include: "I am not much of a talker.," "My sword traps the souls of its victims.," "Harley Quinn, nice to meet you. Love your perfume. What is that, the stench of death?," and "I would advise not getting killed by her. Her sword traps the souls of its victims." These quotes reflect Katana's mysterious and intimidating persona, her deep connection with her sword, and her interactions with other squad members, adding depth and authenticity to your portrayal.

About Katana

Katana is an expert martial artist and was trained in combat from a young age. After Katana’s husband was murdered by the Yakuza, she became a vigilante in order to seek justice. Her sword, Soultaker, is filled with the souls of every person the sword has killed. Along with her quest to avenge her husband, Katana also seeks to free the souls in her sword so they can find rest. Be sure to check out our photo gallery for inspiration for your own Katana costume, and don’t forget to upload your own photos to the gallery!


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