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Kali Costume Guide
Gray Knitted Sweater
Black Denim Shirt
Leather Pants
Black Eye Shadow
Purple Hair Dye
Wool Jacket
Black Boots
Black Gloves
Black Scarf

Best Kali Halloween Costume Guide

Kali, also known as Eight, is another child, like Eleven, that was kidnapped by the Hawkins National Laboratory for experimentation in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. The powers that Kali received while at Hawkins National Laboratory aided her in escaping far away from the place that tortured her for so long. She has a tough appearance that shows her punkish style. Get the look of the thieving teenager with this Kali costume.

You can get Kali’s look for your next cosplay or Halloween costume with a Black Denim Shirt layered over a Grey Knitted Sweater. She also wears a Wool Jacket, Leather Pants, and a pair of Black Boots. Kali likes dark accessories including Black Gloves, Black Scarf, and heavy Black Eyeliner along with Purple Hair Dye streaked through her dark hair! You’ll look just like Eight from Stranger Things with this dark style!

Kali Cosplay Costumes

Kali’s style isn’t far off from the hipster clothes of today, and that makes finding her items pretty easy if you know where to look! Check your own closet first to see if you have any of the items like a grey sweater, leather pants, black boots, gloves, and a black scarf. If not, all of these items can be found at retail and thrift stores! A similar black denim shirt and wool jacket may need to be ordered online, where you can find the items much easier! Check a costume shop for temporary purple hair dye to match Kali’s punk style!

Kali only allows a special few in her group of friends, so grab your closest crew to dress as Eleven, Max Hargrove, and Billy Hargrove from the second season of Stranger Things. Snap a picture of your look along with your friends for everyone to see in the cosplay gallery!

About Kali

When Kali was younger, she was kidnapped and taken to the Hawkins National Laboratory where tests and experiments were run on her. She grew to have a psychic ability to show people hallucinations that weren’t really there. Kali makes others envision anything she wants, and she could do it to more than one person at a time. In the second season of Stranger Things, Kali used this power to escape Hawkins, where they tattooed her and labeled her as number Eight. If she uses too much of her power at one time, her nose will begin to bleed and she will lose control, similar to Eleven.

Kali and Eleven later found each other and bonded over their history at Hawkins. Kali wouldn’t get close to many people, so the fact that she let Eleven into her life was a huge step for her. She had trust issues from being captured by Hawkins and was hurt again when Eleven told her she was returning to Hawkins, Indiana with or without her.


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