How to Dress Like Jughead Jones from Riverdale

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Navy Blue Flannel
Jughead Jones Beanie
Navy Blue T-Shirt
Charcoal Hoodie
Black Denim Jeans
Black Boots
Messenger Bag

Best Jughead Jones Costume Guide

Forsythe Pendleton Jones III is the misfit maverick who simply goes by “Jughead”  from the new hit show Riverdale on The CW. Jughead, portrayed by Cole Sprouse, doesn’t stand out as a popular kid like the jocks and cheerleaders, he blends in with the crowd. Following his dad’s arrest, he had to transfer from Riverdale High School to Southside High. He’s also close friends with Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper. Get the look of the member of the Southside Serpents with this Jughead Jones costume guide.

Cosplay Jughead Jones specific look with a Navy Blue T-Shirt and matching Navy Blue Flannel shirt. Add on a Charcoal colored Hoodie, Black Denim Jeans, and a pair of Black Boots. Throw a Messenger Bag over your shoulder, and it’s absolutely necessary to wear a Jughead Jones Beanie! We rarely see him without it!

Jughead Jones Cosplay Costumes

It’s time to get Jughead Jones’ bad boy heartthrob look! Get the look of the narrator of The CW television series, Riverdale, by grabbing a pair of black denim jeans matched up with black boots and a charcoal hoodie out of your closet along. If not, all these items are super easy to find in most retail stores! Get a navy blue flannel and t-shirt similar to watch Jughead wears while you’re there. If you can’t find a messenger bag and Jughead beanie in the same store, find them online to buy as easy as a click!

Jughead may be the loner of the Riverdale show, but that doesn’t mean your friends can’t tag along for a night of cosplay! Get them to dress as Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge to complete the Riverdale crew! We want to see how your Jughead costume turns out, so send us a picture with your so others can see how you put this look together.

Jughead Jones Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the mysterious and contemplative world of “Riverdale” with our costume guide FAQ for Jughead Jones, a character known for his introspective nature and unique style. This guide is crafted to help you capture the essence of Jughead, blending elements of a loner with a touch of the unconventional. We’ll tackle your most common questions about replicating Jughead’s signature look, perfect for fans seeking to embody the spirit of this insightful and iconic character from the series.

Jughead Jones' outfit is a mix of casual, edgy, and slightly disheveled elements. Essential components include a dark colored t-shirt or a flannel shirt, often layered under a denim or leather jacket. His signature piece is a grey, crown-shaped beanie, which is crucial for capturing his look. Jughead often wears dark, slim-fit jeans and a pair of classic, rugged boots. His overall style reflects his outsider status and introspective personality.

Jughead's crown-shaped beanie is unique and central to his character. Look for a grey knit beanie, and if it doesn't already have a crown shape, you can create the look by cutting small triangles around the brim to mimic the iconic appearance. Ensure the beanie fits snugly and maintains its shape to resemble Jughead's look closely.

Jughead is often seen wearing a denim jacket, sometimes with a shearling collar, or a leather jacket. The key is to choose a jacket that looks slightly worn or vintage, adding to his outsider and edgy aesthetic. The jacket can be adorned with patches or buttons to add a personal touch, reflecting Jughead's individualistic character.

Beyond the beanie and jacket, key accessories for Jughead's costume are minimal. His dark, slim-fit jeans and rugged boots are an essential part of his everyday look. If you want to add more character-specific details, consider carrying a vintage camera or a notebook, symbolizing Jughead's role as a writer and observer in the series.

To enhance your portrayal of Jughead Jones, consider adopting his introspective and somewhat brooding demeanor. Memorable quotes like "I'm weird. I'm a weirdo. I don't fit in, and I don't want to fit in," capture his self-awareness and acceptance of being an outsider. Emphasizing his observant nature, often seen in his narration of events in Riverdale, can add depth to your portrayal. Jughead is a complex character, known for his intelligence, dry humor, and loyalty to his friends.

About Jughead Jones

Jughead is not only the narrator of The CW television series Riverdale, but he is one of the main characters. His best friends are the perfect Betty Cooper and the faultless Archie Andrews, but Jughead is much different than the other high schoolers he hangs out with. Jughead grew up with a far from perfect family life, with his father being the leader of the Southside Serpents. His father’s eventual arrest sent Jughead in a downward spiral.

Jughead has his ups and downs from being the outsider in the group to dating the girl next door, Betty Cooper. He is an aspiring writer. It just so happens that there’s a scandal in his hometown that goes deeper than anyone can imagine Jughead sets out to write a novel about his hometown, but he may just get himself into trouble by digging too far.

Jughead Jones

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