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Best Judy Hopps Halloween Costume Guide

Officer Judy Hopps, the lead character Walt Disney Pictures’ 55th animated feature film is the first bunny ever to join Zootopia’s police department. Voiced by Jennifer Goodwin, Judy is shaken down by con artist fox, Nick Wilde, on her first day as a rookie police officer. Later she teams up with Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman, to uncover a conspiracy in Zootopia. Judy is a great example for children proving that anyone can reach their dreams if they put in the effort. Dress up like the anthropomorphic animal, Officer Judy Hopps, with this complete costume guide.

Cosplay the look of Officer Judy Hopps with a Judy Hopps Cosplay Costume, Judy Hopps Bowler Hat with Ears, Orange Safety Vest, Carrot Pen Recorder, Bunny Shoes, Bunny Makeup, and Fake Parking Tickets.

Judy Hopps Cosplay Costumes

Let’s hop right into this costume! Officer Judy Hopps from Disney’s Zootopia movie, is one of the cutest, yet intense bunnies available for cosplay. The great thing about her costume is that it only takes a few items to bring the whole look together. Don’t forget Judy’s spunky, can-do attitude if you really want to recreate the anthropomorphic character!

To cosplay Judy’s look, start out with a Judy Hopps cosplay costume. Then, you can add Judy’s bowler hat that includes bunny ears! Put on an orange safety vest and a pair of bunny shoes as well. Judy doesn’t go anywhere without her trusty carrot pen recorder, so that is something you will need along with some fake parking tickets to pass out to your friends. To complete the look, throw on some bunny makeup! You can find many tutorials online to create her bunny face. You have the complete look to fight crime as a rookie officer in Zooptopia! Submit a picture of your Judy Hopps cosplay to inspire others to create the same costume!

About Judy Hopps

Officer Judy Hopps, from the Walt Disney movie Zootopia, is the bravest bunny you have ever seen! Judy grew up in a family that didn’t take any risks. Judy didn’t want to live her life that way, so she joined Zootopia’s police academy in hopes of becoming the first bunny police offer. She was determined to make an impact on her community but ended up issuing parking tickets.

Little did Judy know, her life was about to change. Shortly after Judy met Nick Wilde, they became an unstoppable duo. Judy is an intense character with a can-do attitude that doesn’t take no for an answer. Thanks to Officer Hopps along with Nick Wilde, the city was saved from corrupt characters. Unlike most characters’ in Disney movies that focus on romance or loyalty, the focus of Judy Hopps’ is achieving her dreams and serving others. Judy proved to her family and everyone in her life that she was capable of anything!



Judy Hopps

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