How to Dress Like Judith Funnie

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Purple Beret
Short Orange Hair with Bangs
Black Sunglasses
Black Long Sleeve Shirt
Purple Dress
Black Leggings
Purple Flat Shoes

Best Judith Funnie Costume Guide

Classic animated character Judith Funnie from Nickelodeon series, Doug, is a chic cosplay option for guys and girls alike. With 7 easy pieces, we can turn you into Doug’s older hipster sister!

Let us start with the fun accessories. We recommended Short Orange Hair with Bang under a fabulous Purple Beret. Additionally, a pair of her distinct Black Sunglasses. For her outfit, we went with a Black long Sleeve Shirt over a Purple Dress. Beneath that, to complete her signature look, we picked a standard pair of Black Leggings and a stylish pair of Purple Flat Shoes.

Judith Funnie Cosplay Costumes

Super fan of the colors purple and black, Judith Funnie is very seldom seen without her beret and sunglasses. Both items easy to find in the accessory section of any department store or of course online! Her hipster sense of style Is also simple to pull off. Black under a purple dress with leggings and flats. Our guess would be that you may already have some of these items in your closet.

Pulling off her signature flame-colored hair can either be accomplished naturally or with a little help from a costume shop wig. For group cosplay, you can naturally add little brother Doug to the mix or any of her best friends including, Skeeter Valentine, Patti Mayonnaise or Beebe Bluff! Definitely look through our featured pics for more style ideas. Show us your look as well by submitting your own pics!

Judith Funnie Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the quirky world of Bluffington with our Judith “Judy” Funnie costume guide from the classic animated series “Doug.” This FAQ is crafted to help you capture the essence of Doug’s dramatic and artsy older sister, known for her bohemian style and theatrical flair. We’ll focus on the key elements of Judy’s distinctive look, from her purple beret to her round sunglasses, ensuring your cosplay resonates with her unique personality and artistic spirit.

Judy Funnie's outfit is both artistic and unconventional, reflecting her personality. Essential elements include a purple long-sleeve turtleneck sweater, a green plaid skirt, black leggings or tights, and red shoes. Her signature accessories are a purple beret, large round sunglasses, and often a black bead necklace. Judy's appearance is also characterized by her short, wavy hair.

To mimic Judy's hairstyle, aim for a short, wavy wig in a dark color, styled in a bob cut. Judy's large round sunglasses are a must-have accessory and should be prominent. Minimal makeup with a focus on a dramatic, artistic look would suit her character well.

Judy's purple turtleneck sweater should be made from a soft, comfortable fabric. It's a deep, rich purple that complements her artistic vibe. Her green plaid skirt can be made from a lightweight wool or wool-like fabric, and should be knee-length, fitting with her bohemian style.

Key accessories for a Judy Funnie costume include her purple beret, round sunglasses, and a black bead necklace. These accessories are crucial to capturing Judy's distinctive look. If you want to add more to the costume, consider carrying a prop that reflects her interest in the arts, like a mock script or a poetry book.

To bring your Judy Funnie cosplay to life, consider using some of her memorable lines or mimicking her dramatic expressions from "Doug," such as: "The world is my stage, and I am the star.," "Oh, the tragedy!," "I'm not just acting. I'm living the role.," and "In the theater of life, I'm a leading lady." Adopting Judy's theatrical mannerisms and her flair for the dramatic will add authenticity and fun to your portrayal.

About Judith Funnie

Eldest of the Funnie children, Judith is by no means a rebellious teenager. Artistically gifted, she is a clever girl and attends the Moody School for artistically talented teenagers. Though occasionally falling prey to the standard sibling rivalry between her two younger siblings, Judith, Doug and Cleopatra are remarkably close, and it’s clear they love another.

Considered a beatnik, she can be moody, sarcastic and downright crazy but her beauty often makes her more likable. Also an aspiring actress, she is very interested in theater arts and often expresses herself in an overly dramatic way. Directing in addition to acting, she can be a bit bossy at times. In contrast to Doug’s timid personality, her traits can at times make her come off as rude and callous towards her younger brother, but she never pushes him too hard and always makes sure he is doing alright.

Judith Funnie

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