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Men's Fatigue Shirt
Vintage Striped Tee
Lee Relaxed-Fit Tapered-Leg Jean
Mid-length Loose Wave Wig
50-Count Clear String Lights
Fake Cigarettes
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Best Joyce Byers Costume Guide

Dress like Joyce Byers, portrayed by Winona Ryder, the single mother from the Stranger Things Netflix TV series who tries to find her missing son, Will. Her oldest son, Jonathan Byers, also tries to find his brother by working with Nancy Wheeler.

Get in costume before entering The Upside Down Chief Jim Hopper dressed in a Mid-length Loose Wave Wig, Cape Juby Striped Baby Tee, ROTHCO Mens Fatigue Shirt, and Lee Relaxed-Fit Tapered-Leg Jeans. Get Joyce’s supplies from Stranger Things that includes Fake Cigarettes, Plastic 24″ Costume Axe, and 50-Count Clear String Lights.

Joyce Byers Cosplay Costumes

Finally a stellar mom cosplay! Joyce Byers from the Netflix series Stranger Things is definitely a character worth representing. A chain-smoking stressed out mother, Joyce’s style has a comfortable element to it; a slightly oversized men’s fatigue button up and a simple striped tee, you’re only one fake cigarette from perfecting her look! If you want to add some fun to your cosplay, drag a string of Christmas lights behind you; you never know when you’re going to receive a message from the Upside Down!

There are plenty of cast members to go around in this series if you’re cosplaying as a group. Bring your kid to play Joyce’s formerly missing, son Will or any of his other friends like Eleven, Dustin, Lucas or Mike. If your cosplay partner is a little older, Sheriff Hooper is always an option, and with his and Joyce Byers’ history veering on the personal, this might be a fun idea for budding couples. Take a gander at our featured pictures for more ideas. Feel free to send us your pics as well!

Joyce Byers Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the suspenseful and nostalgic world of “Stranger Things” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Joyce Byers. Ideal for fans and cosplayers, this guide will help you accurately recreate Joyce’s resilient and caring character, perfect for embodying the essence of this beloved figure from the series.

Joyce Byers' outfit reflects her practical and down-to-earth personality. Key elements include a 1980s-style patterned blouse or sweater, high-waisted blue jeans, and practical, worn-in work boots. She often sports a lightweight jacket, and her iconic look from Season 1 includes a dark green corduroy jacket. Additionally, carrying a rotary phone or string lights can add a distinctive "Stranger Things" touch.

Joyce has a messy, shoulder-length hairstyle with bangs, typically in a dark brown color. To replicate her look, opt for a tousled and slightly unkempt hairstyle. If your hair isn't naturally dark or this length, consider using a wig that matches her style.

Joyce's makeup is minimal, reflecting her character's focus on her family and the mysteries surrounding Hawkins. A light foundation, some mascara, and a subtle, natural lip color are sufficient. Remember, Joyce often appears stressed or worried, so under-eye makeup to create a slightly fatigued look can be effective.

Joyce is known for her determination to communicate with her missing son using unconventional methods. Creating or finding props like a vintage rotary phone, a bundle of Christmas lights with a painted alphabet wall section, or a makeshift ax can bring authenticity to your costume and immediately connect it to key "Stranger Things" scenes.

Yes, using Joyce's quotes will add depth to your portrayal. Here are some memorable ones: "This is not a normal family.," "I am going to bring him home!," "I don't care if anyone believes me.," "He's missing is what he is!," and "Maybe I am a mess, maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm out of my mind! But God help me, I will keep these lights up until the day I die if I think there's a chance that Will's still out there!" These quotes capture Joyce's fierce love for her children, her unwavering determination, and her courageous spirit in the face of unknown horrors.

About Joyce Byers

Joyce Byers is an unsung hero, a struggling mother trying to raise her sons with virtually no help from their father. She may appear fragile but beneath her shaken appearance lies the strength of a mother bear. She smokes too much, doesn’t sleep enough, and she’s a little neurotic, but she loves her children. Joyce sacrifices much to fight for their survival. She is fearless in the face of bringing back her son.

When her son Will disappeared, she still felt his presence. For a time she was the only one who believed he was still alive. Joyce Byers has keen mother’s instincts and thinks of ingenious ways to communicate with her missing son. She’s filled with knowledge hard won and refuses to accept the word of others who try to convince her that her son is dead. This fragile woman became invincible, travailing the Upside Down to find her boy. Joyce Byers is an intense and highly underrated character to cosplay.

Joyce Byers

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