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Jonathan Byers Costume Guide
Essential Basic Navy Crew Neck T-Shirt
Heavy Weight Plaid Flannel Shirt
Black Levi's Trucker Jacket
Timex Weekender Watch
Levi's Jet 513 Slim-Straight Jean
Canon AE-1 35mm Film Camera
6-Inch Airsoft Revolver
Men's Alley Cat Utility Shoe

Best Jonathan Byers Costume Guide

Look like Jonathan Byers, portrayed by Charlie Heaton, from the Netflix series Stranger Things who is the oldest son of Joyce Byers. Jonathan’s brother, Will, has mysteriously disappeared under similar circumstances to Barb Holland who he caught on camera while taking pictures of Nancy Wheeler at a party. Get a costume like Jonathan before helping Chief Jim Hopper find Will dressed in a Black Levi’s Trucker Jacket, Heavy Weight Plaid Flannel Shirt, Essential Basic Navy Crew Neck T-Shirt, Levi’s Jet 513 Slim-Straight Jean, Timex Weekender Watch, and a pair of Men’s Alley Cat Utility Shoe. Take along a Canon AE-1 35mm Film Camera and 6-Inch Airsoft Revolver as you head into the woods with Nancy.

Jonathan Byers Cosplay Costumes

Mysterious and elusive, this character from the rather popular show of Stranger things is an excellent costume to cosplay, especially if you may not be able to afford one that is more expensive. To cosplay Jonathan, you probably have the majority of the items in your closet or in your possession. Before heading off into the woods, you’ll need a few things such as a basic navy crew shirt and a heavy plaid shirt which you can probably find rather easily at the store or borrow from a friend if you don’t have one. You will also need a black trucker jacket and a Timex Weekender Watch or at least one that looks somewhat similar to it. Worn out jeans and utility Shoes will complete the look and if you really want to round out his look, don’t forget to bring along a Canon AE-1 35mm Film Camera and a 6-Inch revolver.

After putting this costume together, it’ll probably be quite easy to mistake you for Jonathan Byers, just don’t forget to grab a few friends dressed as Nancy or the Sheriff before heading out to look for your brother. Don’t forget to look at our featured photos to help you get a few ideas and we’d love to see just what you come up with!

About Jonathan Byers

Johnathan had to grow up rather quickly after his father left his family when he was only about eleven and he soon adopted the role of the man of the house and began to watch over and care for his mother and brother. Jonathan instantly blamed himself for his brother’s disappearance, believing that he could have watched over or protected him better. It quickly became his one challenge to find his brother and he goes to every length possible in order to find him.

One thing that singles out Jonathan as an interesting character is his love of photography. He has a 35-mm camera that he absolutely cherishes and he takes quite interesting photos that he develops himself. He’s a rather quiet character that doesn’t say much but has quite a bit on his mind due to his sensitive nature. He can be described as rather mysterious but it adds to his charm and while he may not be popular at school, he’s mature beyond his years and he’s quite aware of it.

Jonathan Byers

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