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Best Jon Arbuckle Costume Guide

Jonathan “Jon” Arbuckle is the goofy and lovable owner of pets Garfield and Odie, the dog he acquired from his former roommate Lyman. Odie’s inclusion as a member of the family certainly does not sit well with Garfield. He is maniacally possessive of his relationship with Jon on both the show and comic strip, Garfield And Friends by Jim Davis. As a result, Garfield goes to extreme lengths trying his best to get rid of Odie which has hilarious results. Get the look of the owner of Garfield and Odie with this Jon Arbuckle costume guide.

Jon is often manipulated by Garfield with his outrageous schemes to get his own way. Cosplay Jon Arbuckle dressed in Blue Pants, Blue Dress Shirt, Brown Captoe Oxford Shoes, and a Curly Hair Wig. Have your pets by your side with an Odie Plush and Garfield Plush.

Jon Arbuckle Cosplay Costumes

Jon Arbuckle is a geeky cartoonist that is the caring owner of Garfield and Odie. The 30-years-old and is believed to live in  Muncie, Indiana. He is routinely the butt of Garfield’s dry humor. Jon is also in a relationship with Dr. Elizabeth “Liz” Wilson, Garfield’s veterinarian. Though Jon is a fairly conservative dresser, he does put on some snappy outfits when he goes out with Dr. Liz. These outfits are often the subject of Garfield’s jokes. But, typically, Jon dresses in a solid button-down shirt, khaki pants, and oxford shoes. Jon has curly brown hair.

There are other interesting human characters who are featured in the Garfield and Friends comic strip and TV series like Dr. Liz Watson and Happy Chapman. Along with Jon Arbuckle, these characters are perfect for group cosplay at your next costume party.

Jon Arbuckle Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the quirky and comedic world of “Garfield and Friends” with our costume guide FAQ for Jon Arbuckle, the well-meaning but often befuddled owner of the iconic cat, Garfield. This guide is perfect for fans who want to bring to life Jim Davis’s beloved character in a fun and relatable way.

Jon Arbuckle's outfit is simple yet recognizable, reflecting his everyman persona. His typical attire includes a blue collared shirt, often with a slightly darker blue or black vertical stripe down the center, light brown or khaki pants, and plain white sneakers. Jon's look is neat and casual, often accompanied by his slightly awkward yet endearing demeanor.

To create Jon's iconic shirt, find a light blue collared shirt and add a central vertical stripe using fabric paint or a piece of dark blue or black cloth. The shirt should be buttoned-up and tucked into the pants for a tidy look that matches Jon's personality.

Jon typically wears plain light brown or khaki pants, which should be comfortable and casual. Pair these with simple white sneakers to complete his everyday look.

Jon Arbuckle has short, neat brown hair and large, round glasses. Style your hair in a simple, tidy fashion, and wear round-framed glasses to capture his nerdy and somewhat naïve appearance. If you don't wear glasses, consider using non-prescription frames or frame-only glasses.

Jon Arbuckle is known for his lovable, if slightly clueless, nature. Some memorable characteristics and quotes include: His eternal optimism and attempts to win dates, often humorously unsuccessful. "Garfield, don't eat that!," His kind-heartedness and constant care for Garfield and Odie. "Why do I get the feeling my cat's running my life? His often misguided attempts at cooking, much to Garfield's dismay. These characteristics and quotes capture Jon's good-natured but often comical life as Garfield's owner.

About Jon Arbuckle

Jonathan “Jon” Arbuckle is the main human character from the popular and successful Garfield movies, animated television series, and the comic strips created by Jim Davis. Originally started in 1978 as a comic strip, it has since held the Guinness Book of World records for the widest syndicated comic strip ever to be created. One reason people speculate that Garfield has become so popular is its lack of social or political commentary.

Originally created by Jim Davis to be a “good, marketable character,” the comic strip centers around Garfield’s laziness and obsessive eating. Jon doesn’t approve of Garfield’s “don’t care” attitude and constantly encourages him to venture out to experience the world around him, but Garfield often brushes it aside with a sarcastic remark. The Garfield franchise has since sold more than $1 billion in merchandise since it began in 1978.

Jon Arbuckle

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