How to Dress Like Joker (Suicide Squad)

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Joker (Suicide Squad) Costume Guide
Green Cosplay Wig
Custom Fit Silver Plated Grillz
Purple Crocodile Pattern Trench Coat
Gold Plated Necklace
Joker Cosplay Tattoo Sports T-Shirt
Open Bottom Sweatpant
Purple Ash Fritz Walking Cane
Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick
Oxfords Loafers with Alligator Prints
Classic Face Paint
Joker Costume Gloves

Best Joker (Suicide Squad) Halloween Costume Guide

Dress up like Joker, the psychopathic villain from the DC Comics movie, the Suicide Squad. Join fellow supervillains Deadshot, Katana, and Harley Quinn as the Joker, played by Jared Leto, as they form an antihero BlackOps team. You can have Joker’s cosplay movie look with a Green Cosplay Wig, Joker Cosplay Tattoo Sports T-Shirt, Open Bottom Sweatpant, Purple Crocodile Pattern Trench Coat, Oxfords Loafers with Alligator Prints. Get the complete costume with Custom Fit Silver Plated Grillz, Gold Plated Necklace, Classic Face Paint, Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick, and Purple Ash Fritz Walking Cane.

Joker (Suicide Squad) Cosplay Costumes

Get ready to dress up as the most popular and possibly most insane criminal mastermind. Joker is one of Batman’s main villains and he’s definitely a very twisted character as depicted in the comics and movies. If you wish to do a group costume with the Joker, we recommend finding a friend willing to dress as Batman or perhaps another hero and you could stage a fight between you two. We’d love to see photos of what you come up with so send over a few so we can feature them on our site!

The things you’ll need for this costume are a green curly wig, a Joker multicolor tie, a purple wool trench coat, a Joker cosplay hexagon shirt, a green vest, white clown makeup, a purple and green Joker tac force knife, Joker purple gloves, smiley stickers to get Joker’s twisted smile, Joker costume socks, purple dress pants.

About Joker (Suicide Squad)

The Joker is a character that no one can truly figure out just because of the plain fact that he’s completely insane but also quite intelligent. He knows how to commit certain acts to get where he needs to be but the things he does are so twisted that they’ll leave a person scarred without a doubt.

The history of the Joker isn’t really known mostly because he has filled in the details himself and he isn’t really the one known for being truthful and honest. The Joker also gets quite bored with things that normal criminals might do and he instead seeks out things that others wouldn’t dare to especially when it concerns Batman. While we may call the Joker insane, he is clearly an insane genius. While many may be tempted to call him a psychopath, it wouldn’t be completely accurate since the Joker feels emotion. Maybe sick and twisted emotions but emotions nonetheless.

Joker (Suicide Squad)

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