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Women's Button Front Dress
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Best Nurse Joker Costume Guide

Why so serious? The Joker who was played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight quickly became one of the most loved villains from all of the Batman installments. The movie which was released in 2008 introduced the character of a man dressed in a nurses outfit with that signature red painted grin.

Get the look of Joker from the hospital scene in his nurses outfit with a Women’s Button Front Dress, a Short Layered Fluffy Hair wig, an Elastic Fabric Stretch Cinch Belt, a Pinback Button, an Airsoft Machine Gun, a Joker Deluxe Makeup Kit, a pair of Crew Socks, and a pair of Strapless Clogs. Don’t take him too seriously, or do…

Nurse Joker Cosplay Costumes

Even though The Joker from The Dark Knight is a serious character, he has a lot of dark humor that makes his character an intriguing one to portray as a cosplay character. You can either take his character and be dark and creepy or have total fun with it! The best part is that we have already found all of the pieces you will need to recreate this hilarious look from the Batman movie!

First things first, grab a women’s button dress in white to get the classic nurse vibe. You will want a short haired wig that you can make messy and greasy just like Joker’s hair. Grab one of those elastic, fabric, cinch belts to clip around your waist. Then, get a political button that says “I believe in Harvey Dent.” The last pieces of clothing are a pair of black crew socks and some white clog shoes. But even though The Joker’s nurse look is different, it wouldn’t be complete without an Airsoft machine gun! Submit a picture once you have the entire cosplay completed, and check out the others who recreated this look.

Nurse Joker Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the chillingly iconic world of “The Dark Knight” with our Nurse Joker costume guide FAQ. Perfect for fans of this groundbreaking Batman film, this section is crafted to assist you in accurately portraying one of the most memorable disguises of the Joker. Discover the nuances of this unique costume and embody the unsettling yet captivating persona of the Joker in his nurse outfit.

The Nurse Joker's costume is distinctively simple yet unnerving. It includes a light blue nurse's dress, a slightly disheveled white nurse's cap, a messy, smeared makeup look resembling the Joker's traditional face paint, and a red wig that mimics the Joker's chaotic hairstyle. The outfit is completed with white stockings and white nurse's shoes.

The Nurse Joker's makeup is a key aspect of the costume. Start with a white face paint base, then add dark, exaggerated circles around your eyes using black and blue eyeshadow. Smear red lipstick around your lips, extending the smile lines. The makeup should look messy and smudged, as if it's been worn for a long time.

A Joker-style nurse's name badge and a stethoscope can add authenticity to your costume. Additionally, carrying a prop that resembles the Joker's gadgets, like a deck of playing cards or a fake detonator, can enhance the overall effect.

Look for a medium-length, messy red wig that you can style to look unkempt and chaotic, matching the Joker's signature disheveled appearance. The hair should look wild and uncontrolled, just like the character's unpredictable nature.

Including quotes from the Nurse Joker can add a compelling edge to your portrayal. Some memorable lines are: "Hi.," "Do I really look like a guy with a plan?," "Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos.," "You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it!" and "It’s not about money… it’s about sending a message. Everything burns!." These quotes encapsulate the Nurse Joker's anarchistic philosophy and his delight in creating chaos, making them perfect for embodying the character's menacing yet charismatic persona.

About Nurse Joker

The Joker has always been one of the major villains in the Batman series, but it wasn’t until The Dark Knight that we really got a deeper insight to this mysterious and psychotic human being. The Joker has his face painted somewhat like a clown with a white face and an overdrawn red mouth, but unlike most clowns, Joker has scars widening his grin even more.

Joker tells a few different tales based on his own past, but we can’t be quite sure which one if any of them are true. Being that Joker is beyond insane, he just might believe every tale he tells whether they are true or not. He pushes Batman to scary extremes that we have never seen from the hero before, making him push his limits and his own sanity. This character may be one of the darkest we have ever seen, but we can’t help but rank him as one of our favorites of all-time.

Nurse Joker

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