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Best Johnny Silverhand Costume Guide

Johnny Silverhand is a central character in the Cyberpunk series, a pen and paper RPG series created by Mike Pondsmith. The series takes place in an alternate future wherein crime is a common occurrence, murder is at an all-time high, and corporations are undoubtedly more powerful than the government. In this world, Johnny Silverhand is an influential Rockerboy as the lead of the band, Samurai. Rockerboys are musicians known to use their music to rebel and revolt against authority. Because a majority of Rockerboys are charismatic, they use charm to incite people through their musical performances.

Get the look of the charming rebel with this Johnny Silverhand costume guide. Fight corporations with your music abilities and good looks by wearing a tactical vest, brown leather pants, a bullet belt, military dog tags, a long black hair wig, and some aviator sunglasses. Don’t forget the robot arm!


Johnny Silverhand Cosplay Costumes

The most important part of Johnny Silverhand’s costume is his robot arm. Judging from his name itself, Johnny’s robot arm, or silver hand, is an integral part of his appearance. Once you nail this part of the costume, everything else is pretty easy to put together. While being a musician is a big part of who Johnny is as a character, what you need to channel is his personality of rebelliousness and revolt. This rebelliousness is what drives his look. His music is merely the platform by which he revolts against the corporations in Cyberpunk.

Johnny rarely stops with just music, though. He is known to have assaulted the Arasaka HQ alongside Morgan Blackhand, to end the Fourth Corporate War. Host a Cyberpunk costume game night and get your pals to dress up as other popular characters like Morgan Blackhand, Saburo Arasaka, Kerry Eurodyne, and Rache Bartmoss.

Johnny Silverhand Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the gritty, futuristic world of “Cyberpunk” with our detailed costume guide FAQ tailored for Johnny Silverhand, the iconic and rebellious rockstar. Known for his cybernetic arm and charismatic demeanor, Johnny Silverhand is a character who captures the essence of the cyberpunk genre. This guide is designed to help you craft a costume that embodies Silverhand’s distinctive style, perfect for cosplay events, theme parties, or any fan of the “Cyberpunk” universe.

Johnny Silverhand's costume is centered around his cybernetic arm, which is a key feature of his character. The rest of his outfit includes a black sleeveless vest with a collar, dog tags, black pants, a bullet belt, and military-style boots. He also sports aviator sunglasses and has long, messy hair. To complete the look, consider adding a guitar strap, as he is often depicted with a guitar.

To recreate Johnny Silverhand’s cybernetic arm, you can either purchase a pre-made prop or build one using materials like craft foam, metallic paint, and LED lights for added effect. The arm should look mechanical and futuristic, with intricate detailing to mimic the appearance of advanced technology.

While there are no specific brands mentioned for Johnny Silverhand's clothes, the style is distinctly rugged and militaristic. Look for a black sleeveless vest, preferably in leather or a leather-like material, black combat-style pants, and black military boots. The clothes should have a worn, battle-tested look to them.

Johnny Silverhand has long, messy, dark hair, often pushed back. If your hair doesn’t match, consider a wig that fits this style. Makeup should be minimal, with a focus on creating a rough, slightly weathered look to reflect his rebellious nature. Don't forget the dog tags and aviator sunglasses to complete the character's iconic look.

Johnny Silverhand, known for his outspoken and bold personality, has several memorable lines, such as: “Wake the fuck up, Samurai. We have a city to burn,” “I'm a rockerboy through and through. Every nerve in my body thrums with electric guitars and pheromones,” “You know what I want? I want more time,” “They don't need to step on you to get to the top. They can just as easily shoot you in the face.” and “We have one life, one death, one shot at making a difference.” These quotes encapsulate Johnny Silverhand's rebellious spirit and his larger-than-life presence, making your cosplay more impactful and authentic.

About Johnny Silverhand

At the scene of the Arasaka assault, a full-borg called Adam Smasher seemingly kills Johnny. The Assault team does not recover his body. After a nuke destroys the Arasaka HQ, it is assumed that his body vaporized along with the building. During the E3 2018 trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, graffiti is shown asking “Where’s Johnny?”

During the E3 gameplay reveal, V is heard listening to Johnny’s song “Chippin’ In” and wearing a Samurai band jacket. All of these suggest that Johnny might still have a role in the Cyberpunk 2077 game. At the Microsoft E3 2019 conference, Keanu Reeves was revealed to play Johnny. He shows up at the end of the 2019 Cinematic trailer, helping V when left for dead in a dumpsite. Johnny Silverhand acts as V’s guide to the city, tagging along for most of the game.

Johnny Silverhand

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