How to Dress Like John Cena

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John Cena Costume Guide
Respect T-Shirt
Jean Shorts
WWE Belt
Knee Sleeve
Baseball Hat
Arm Sweatbands
Canvas Web Belt

Best John Cena Costume Guide

John Cena is a professional wrestler who made a name for himself as the trash-talking rapper-type character in the early 2000’s with the WWE. Despite branching out into an acting career which has seen him perform in a wide range of genres, Cena is still signed to the WWE and appears on both the Raw and Smackdown franchises. Cena has won 25 championships throughout his career. Get the look of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all-time with this John Cena costume guide.

Of the modern generation of wrestlers, many regard John Cena as one of the best performers, although his arrogant early persona followed his more subdued character in recent years. If you want to get the look of the five-time Wrestlemania headliner and 16-time World Champion, you’ll need a Baseball Hat, Respect T-Shirt, Jean Shorts, Canvas Web Belt, Knee Sleeve, Arm Sweatbands, and of course the famous WWE Belt.

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