How to Dress Like Joel

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Gas Mask
Casual Plaided Shirt
Angle-Head Flashlight
Canvas Strapped Watch
Tactical Toy Shotgun
Outdoor Rucksack
Men's Jeans
Men's Chukka Boots

Best Joel Costume Guide

Joel is one of the main characters and the playable protagonist of the popular PlayStation video game, The Last of Us. Joel, who is voiced by Troy Baker, is a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world that has been decimated by the Cordyceps outbreak. It has decimated 60% of the global population. After losing his daughter Sarah to the virus, Joel becomes a ruthless smuggler eventually who protects Ellie, a girl that is immune to the outbreak who is the key to survival. Get the look of the brutal fighter with this Joel costume guide.

Since you’re living in the dystopian United States, your costume will be pretty simple—but still look pretty awesome. Start with a Casual Plaided Shirt with Men’s Jeans. Next, put on a pair of Men’s Chukka Boots and a Canvas Strapped Watch. That’s pretty much all you need to dress up as Joel. But now, for the important stuff, Joel’s equipment. Get an Angle-Head Flashlight to find your enemies in the dark. Put on your Gas Mask and wear a Rucksack to store all of your important items. Finally, equip yourself with a Tactical Toy Shotgun to blow off some of the infected!

Joel Cosplay Costumes

Joel is a toughened-up and brutal survivor. He kills his enemies without any hesitation and with extremely brutal methods. He can perform fatal chokeholds, punches, and other knock-out moves. And even though Joel is in his 40’s, he’s still strong enough to overpower people half his age including soldiers, hunters, and cannibals.

Joel doesn’t have any to speak of superpowers and is a normal middle-aged man. The extremely painful loss of his daughter turned him into a hardened survivalist, doing whatever necessary to survive. However, Joel is also a highly proficient tactician and very capable of using a variety of weapons. He can strategically face overwhelming odds without making much noise and easily kill those infected by surprise.

Dressing up as Joel for cosplay is a great choice. But don’t cosplay alone! Bring your friends in on this activity and ask them to dress up as their favorite characters like your partner Ellie or even a Runner from The Last of Us. Whether teaming up with a group or not, you should send in a picture for others to get cosplay inspiration for The Last of Us.

Joel Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world of “The Last of Us” by embodying Joel, the hardened survivor and central character of the critically acclaimed video game series. Known for his resourcefulness, deep emotional layers, and complex relationship with Ellie, Joel’s character offers a rich cosplay opportunity. This guide is designed to help you accurately capture Joel’s rugged appearance, reflecting his journey through a devastated United States.

Joel's outfit is emblematic of his survivalist lifestyle, consisting of practical and durable clothing suited for a post-apocalyptic environment. Essential elements include a faded plaid shirt, a dark t-shirt underneath, rugged jeans, and sturdy boots. Joel is often seen wearing a worn leather jacket or a heavy-duty shirt jacket, depending on the weather. Accessories like a watch, a backpack, and a makeshift weapon holster add to his preparedness for any threat. Joel's look is completed with a beard and his hair graying and slightly unkempt, showcasing the wear and tear of surviving in a harsh world.

To replicate Joel's rugged and worn look, start with aging and distressing your clothing to reflect years of survival. Use sandpaper, tea staining, or paint splattering to give fabrics a faded and used appearance. Focus on creating wear and tear in areas that would naturally see the most use, such as the knees of the jeans, the elbows of the shirt, and the soles of the boots. For Joel's beard, if you can grow one naturally, allow it to reach a medium length and use a bit of gray makeup or hair color to add age. Otherwise, a realistic-looking fake beard can be applied.

Enhancing your Joel costume with the right accessories will significantly increase its authenticity. Include a sturdy leather watch, a backpack with patches or makeshift repairs, and a weapon holster made from scrap materials. Prop weapons, such as a replica of Joel's revolver or a makeshift melee weapon like a pipe with tape around one end, can add to the survivor aspect of the character. Remember to ensure any prop weapons comply with the event's safety regulations where you're cosplaying.

Adopting Joel's mannerisms and posture involves conveying his world-weary resilience and protective nature. Joel moves with purpose and caution, reflecting his constant alertness to danger. Practice a slightly hunched posture, as if bearing the weight of his past and the challenges of the present. Joel's interactions are often marked by a gruff exterior, but with moments of tenderness, especially when dealing with Ellie. Work on balancing this tough demeanor with subtle displays of care and vulnerability to fully capture his character.

Joel's dialogue throughout "The Last of Us" series is filled with poignant and reflective moments that can add depth to your portrayal. Here are some memorable quotes: "You find something to fight for.," "I swear to God, I get you out of this. You're so singing for me.," "I struggle for a long time with survivin'. And you—No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for.," "Endure and survive." and "No matter what, you have to find something to fight for." Incorporating these quotes into your portrayal can bring Joel's complex emotional journey to life, making your costume not only visually accurate but also emotionally resonant.

About Joel

Just like any other person, Joel changed by the harsh circumstances he’s had to face with the death of his daughter. A kind and caring person at the start, he slowly loses his conscience and does whatever he can to survive in the popular PlayStation game, The Last of Us. Doing things he would never have thought he’d have the guts to do in his past!

In the game, he slowly develops a bond with a girl named Ellie, who is immune to the Cordyceps outbreak and has an important role in this viral infection. Joel is tasked with smuggling her, but because develops a fatherly bond with her due to the loss of his own daughter. He protects her, not because he’s a good person, but because he wants to fill the deep void left in his heart by his daughter’s death. Whatever the case, this relationship shows that deep inside, Joel isn’t the hardened survivor he claims to be. He’s just a caring father who wants someone to love.


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