How to Dress Like Jigsaw

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Black Suit
Red Bow Tie and Handkerchief Set
Jigsaw Puppet Mask
White Cotton Gloves
Long-Sleeve Oxford Shirt
Classic Large Trike
Black Dress Shoes

Best Jigsaw Costume Guide

Get the look of John Kramer’s Jigsaw disguise from the Saw horror movie series. The Jigsaw Killer, portrayed by Tobin Bell, has kept people on the edge of their seat since the first Saw movie debuted in 2004. Behind the creepy puppet and pig mask, Jigsaw has concocted twisted games with the goal of making others appreciate their lives by testing their will to survive. Despite being murdered in Saw III, the subsequent Saw films focus on his influence as the original Jigsaw killer. Get the look of the gruesome killer will the Jigsaw costume guide.

Cosplay Jigsaw’s creepy look with a Black Suit, Red Handkerchief, Red Bow Tie, Long-Sleeve Oxford Shirt, White Cotton Gloves, and a pair of Black Dress Shoes. Add a Classic Large Trike and a Jigsaw Puppet Mask to get the full effect of the Jigsaw look from the horror movies!

Jigsaw Cosplay Costumes

If you want to dress up like a twisted killer from time-to-time, the Jigsaw killer from the Saw movie franchise is one of the cruelest looks to cosplay! Jigsaw is known for his creepy appearance, so this is perfect for a Halloween costume or even a cosplay convention. If you already have a black suit then you have almost everything you need for the costume. If not, you can find a black suit and necessary accessories at a thrift store. The Jigsaw mask and trike are best to order online to ensure that you get exact items you need for the look.

Jigsaw won’t be much fun without the victims he tortures, so grab a couple of your friends to dress up as the detectives or victims from the movies! This is a costume to remember, especially around Halloween, so send in a picture once you have the look completed!

Jigsaw Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the spine-chilling world of the “Saw” horror movie series with our Jigsaw costume guide FAQ. Embrace the menacing and enigmatic aura of the infamous Jigsaw killer as we address your most pressing questions about creating a costume that captures the character’s dark and ominous presence.

Jigsaw, also known as John Kramer, is known for his simple yet iconic costume. The key elements include a black suit with a white shirt and a red bow tie or necktie. For his puppet persona, a white face with red swirls on the cheeks, blackened eyes, and red lips is crucial, along with wild black hair. A tricycle, while not a wearable item, is often associated with the Jigsaw puppet.

To create the Jigsaw puppet's face, start with white face paint as the base. Use black makeup around the eyes to create a sunken look. Draw red spirals on the cheeks and paint the lips a bright red. The makeup should be stark and contrasting to create the puppet's eerie appearance.

Jigsaw's costume is characterized by its formality. A well-fitted black suit with a white dress shirt is essential. Add a red bow tie or necktie to complete the outfit. To portray John Kramer himself, wear a simple black suit and add makeup to create a pallid, sickly appearance, reflecting his character in the films.

Carrying a replica of Jigsaw's chilling tricycle can significantly enhance the costume's authenticity. Additionally, a replica of his iconic mechanical puppet mask, if you choose not to use makeup, can be a striking addition. For an added touch, you could carry a recording device with a pre-recorded message mimicking Jigsaw's famous line, "I want to play a game."

Including quotes from Jigsaw can add depth to your portrayal. Some iconic lines include: "I want to play a game.," "Live or die. Make your choice.," "The key to your survival lies within.," "Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not anymore." and "Let the game begin." These quotes capture Jigsaw's menacing and calculating personality, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of the character.

About Jigsaw

John Kramer, portrayed by Tobin Bell in the Saw horror movie series, wasn’t always a corrupted killer. He was a successful engineer with a wife and baby on the way! After his son his wife had a miscarriage, John completely changed who he was a person. After the loss of his child, he attempted to kill himself. When he survived, he had a newfound appreciation of life. This is when Jigsaw Killer was born.

He sought out people who weren’t living life to the fullest and didn’t appreciate the things they had. He put them through a physical and psychological test. The tests usually involved different tasks that involved hurting themselves but would ultimately survive if they were up for the task. Jigsaw began with the man that caused his wife’s miscarriage, Cecil Adams. Jigsaw got his name from the piece of flesh that he cut off of his victims in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle piece.


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