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Best Jessie Costume Guide

Ever since the Pokemon show and game premiered, there have always been certain characters who take the show to another level. Jessie from Team Rocket is one of those characters along with her sidekick James. Although she is vain and doesn’t have the best moral compass, she is an important character in the Pokemon world. Follow this cosplay guide to get Jessie’s complete look.

Start with this Jessie Costume, a Jessie Adult Wig, Glass Button Stud Earrings, a Poke Ball, Knee-High Boots, and a Pokemon Meowth. Don’t even think about messing with her makeup or hair though because Jessie can show her dark side when it comes to her appearance!

Jessie Cosplay Costumes

Pokemon has always been a big deal, but the Pokemon app has reignited the popular franchise! There’s no better way to show your love for the anime show than by dressing up as a member of Team Rocket? Instead of simply stealing Pokemon, you could be stealing the show with your this cosplay. The costume is easy to recreate, here’s exactly how!

Start by finding a Jessie costume or you could even make your own with a black tank top underneath a white crop top. Then, add a bold red letter “R” with a slit up the center of the shirt and it will look identical to Jessie uniform! Throw on a white mini skirt, black knee high boots, and pair of black stockings to complete her outfit. You’ll want to add your own accessories, though. Jessie’s bold hairstyle is a main part of her wardrobe. To match the look, you’ll need a long purple wig, green stud earrings, a Poke ball, and a plush Meowth Pokemon. Check pictures of others who recreated this look the cosplay photo gallery! Send along a picture of your perfect Pokemon attire too.

Jessie Costume Tips & FAQs

Prepare for trouble with our costume guide for Jessie, the fierce and ambitious member of Team Rocket from the Pokémon series. Known for her striking appearance and determination to capture rare Pokémon, Jessie’s look is both iconic and ideal for cosplay events, anime conventions, or any occasion where you want to embody the spirit of this memorable character.

Jessie's Team Rocket uniform is distinctive and bold. Essential components include a white, sleeveless, v-neck top with a large red R emblem in the center, a black, short-sleeved undershirt, and a white miniskirt. She also wears thigh-high black boots with a white cuff at the top, a black belt with a gold buckle, and long black gloves that reach up to her elbows.

Jessie's hair is one of her most striking features – it's long, magenta, and styled in a gravity-defying, angular fashion. To replicate her look, use a long, magenta wig and style it to have the sharp, swooping shape of her hair. Hairspray or hair gel can help maintain the style.

Jessie's makeup is bold and dramatic. Use purple eyeshadow to create a smoky eye look, accompanied by thick eyeliner and mascara. Her lips are usually a vibrant red or pink. Jessie's eyebrows are thin and highly arched, so you may need to use eyebrow pencil or concealer to achieve a similar shape.

Key accessories for Jessie's costume include the large red R emblem on her shirt, which represents Team Rocket. Additionally, carrying a prop Poké Ball or a Meowth plushie can add to the authenticity of her character as a Pokémon trainer and Team Rocket member.

Jessie, along with her Team Rocket companions, is known for her dramatic and humorous lines. Here are some classic quotes: "Prepare for trouble!," "Make it double!," "To protect the world from devastation!," "To unite all peoples within our nation!" and "Jessie! And I'm not letting you go anywhere!." These quotes, especially when used in tandem with the Team Rocket motto, are perfect for enhancing your portrayal of Jessie and bringing the character's flamboyant personality to life.

About Jessie

Jessie has always been one of the most popular characters in the Pokemon series even though she wasn’t always the nicest. On the television show, Jessie likes to steal Pokemon because she wants to catch them all. Unfortunately, her tactics aren’t always the most pleasant. Jessie seems to especially enjoy taking Pokemon away from the main character Ash Ketchum and his prized Pokemon, Pikachu.

Jessie doesn’t act like the rest of Team Rocket trio because she tends to get caught up in herself rather than thinking about others. Don’t mess with her makeup or hair because those are her prized possessions even more so than the Pokemon. She gets angered pretty easily and isn’t as easy going as the rest of the Team Rocket crew. She has an ongoing rivalry with her Team Rocket partner James, and it’s because she feeds off negativity. Despite her obvious flaws, she is still a favorite character from the Pokemon series!


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