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Jessica Rabbit Costume Guide
Jessica Rabbit Dress
Long Purple Gloves
Red Lipstick
Toy Microphone
Long Red Hair Wig
Purple Eye Shadow
Gold Ball Earrings
Red High Heel Shoes

Best Jessica Rabbit Costume Guide

Jessica Rabbit is a critical character in the 1988 live action animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Jessica, voiced by Kathleen Turner, is one of the cartoon characters who co-exist with humans in the movie. The plot of the film centers around Jessica Rabbit being rumored to have had an affair with businessman Marvin Acme. The head of the Maroon Cartoon Studios is concerned because it could affect the performance of one of his biggest stars, Roger Rabbit–Jessica’s husband. When Marvin Acme is discovered dead, the finger is pointed at Roger Rabbit. With the help of private investigator Eddie Valiant, Jessica must prove her husband’s innocence. Get the look of the star-studded animated singer with this Jessica Rabbit costume guide.

If you ready to dress up like the sexy cartoon singer Jessica Rabbit, you’ll need to dress up in a Jessica Rabbit Dress, Long Purple Gloves, Red High Heel Shoes, Gold Ball Earrings, and Long Red Hair Wig. Put on the characteristic Purple Eyeshadow and Red Lipstick, then grab your Toy Microphone to sing.

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Costumes

Back when the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit was first released, the character of Jessica Rabbit was criticized by some for being too sexy as a cartoon character. Even today, we probably haven’t seen another animated character who embodies the hourglass figure, full lips, and sultry demeanor quite like Jessica Rabbit. While there will always be critics of this character, one thing is for sure. Jessica has always been a favorite character to cosplay.

If you don’t want to attend an event dressed as Jessica Rabbit on your own, we suggest you find a friend to dress as Roger Rabbit, private investigator Eddie Valiant, or even Marvin Acme. The combination of cartoon and human actors in this movie broke new ground back in 1988, and it certainly brings with it a huge range of cosplay options for you today!

About Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is a significant character in the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She is married to fellow comic-strip star, Roger Rabbit. However, the head of Maroon Cartoon Studios believes she is having an affair with the local businessman, Marvin Acme. Worried about what this revelation could do to his star, Roger Rabbit, he encourages Roger to leave Jessica when photos appear to confirm the affair between Acme and the sultry lounge singer, Jessica Rabbit.

When Marvin Acme turns up dead, and Roger is blamed, Jessica confirms she was forced to be in the photos as blackmail. Now, she must work together with PI Eddie Valiant to clear her husband’s name, all the while trying to evade Judge Doom who has developed a toxic substance that can kill cartoons.  When she and Roger are captured, it is up to Eddie Valiant to save them and the rest of Toontown from the treacherous plans of Judge Doom.

Jessica Rabbit

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