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Jessica Jones Costume Guide
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Best Jessica Jones Costume Guide

Dress up like Jessica Jones from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the star of the hit new Netflix web television series. Jessica Jones, who has superhuman strength, is one of the best private eyes in Hell’s Kitchen. She received her incredible strength through a car crash involving radioactive chemicals.

Take on Hell’s Kitchen in a Black Women’s Leather Jacket, Lightweight Jersey Knit Infinity Scarf, Women’s Slim Fit Long Sleeve Zip Up Hoodie,  Fingerless Magic Glove-Black, Women Ribbed Cotton Tank, Lee Women’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean, Women’s Forta Boot, and Shoulder Messenger Field Bag.

Jessica Jones Cosplay Costumes

Hailing from Marvel Studios, lady hero Jessica Jones has been plucked from the comics and dropped into a new television series. Her careless sense of style makes her a character worth cosplaying. From her gray infinity scarf over her black leather jacket, luckily for us her signature look on the show is fairly simple to duplicate. Adding a pair of jeans, black biker boots and cut off gloves will just about complete her look. Top off your outfit with a messenger bag, and voila, you’re Jessica Jones.

Whether you’re a fan of the comic or the show, Luke Cage plays an active role in Jessica’s life. For the bestie in your life, why not have them cosplay Patsy, Jessica’s adoptive sister and best friend? If your group is larger, consider adding NYPD Sgt.Will Simpson, ally Jeri Hogarth, or show created character Malcolm Ducasse. Take a moment to check out our featured pics for additional style ideas and send in your photos and show us your own styles!

About Jessica Jones

Though she had the awesome power of flight in the comics, on the show, Jessica Jones has thus far not been able to pull off that ability. A little rough around the edges and considered a “former” superhero, though she maintains her superhuman strength, Jessica Jones is sarcastic with a dry sense of humor. Running her Detective Agency gives her an opportunity to offer help dealing with the many gray areas outside normal law enforcement’s expertise.

Beneath her gruff exterior, Jessica is a good person and wants only to help those who cannot seem to help themselves. She has a powerful ally in Attorney Jeri Hogarth and a love-hate relationship with NYPD Sergeant Will Simpson. Kept grounded by the love and support of her adoptive sister Patsy; Jessica struggles to overcome her PTSD. Though Patsy is without superpowers, she is a good balance for Jessica and a trusted confidant. A semi-dark character, Jessica Jones is just one of the many female heroines available for cosplay!

Jessica Jones

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