How to Dress Like Jervis Tetch

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Black Top Hat
Brown Mustache
Black Bow Tie
Long Brown Curly Wig
Brown Chin Beard
Black Leather Driving Gloves
Black Cuff Links with Silver
White French Cuff Shirt
Black Double Breasted Trench Coat
Red Plaid Three-piece Suit
Black Wingtip Shoes
Pocket Watch with Chain
Black Handgun

Best Jervis Tetch Costume Guide

Dr. Jervis Tetch, who resembles the Mad Hatter, is a master hypnotist and psychopath from the FOX show Gotham. He does not have any supernatural talents, but rather uses his intelligence, technological devices, and mind-control techniques to break the mind. Follow this costume guide to get all the pieces to cosplay Jervis Tetch.

Dress like Jervis Tetch by first putting on a Long Brown Curly Wig with Brown Mustache and Brown Chin Beard. After that, put on his signature Black Top Hat. Now, move towards the suit with a Black Double-breasted Trench Coat and Red Plaid Three-piece Suit. Underneath, wear a White French Cuff Shirt and classic Black Bow Tie. Finally, slip on a pair of Black Wingtip Shoes. To wrap up the Mad Hatter’s look to get all the accessories like a pair of Black Cuff Links with Silver, Black Leather Driving Gloves, Pocket Watch with Chain, and Black Handgun. Now, you’re the most notorious hypnotist in town.

Jervis Tetch Cosplay Costumes

Jervis Tetch is the opposite of normal. Using his natural abilities and his stopwatch, he can easily control the minds of his foes. He isn’t afraid to ask anyone to die, and those who hear his commands aren’t afraid to follow them! He’s mad, and his appearance inspired by Alice In Wonderland’s Mad Hatter proves just that!

But still, don’t go out alone cosplaying him. While you still may be able to control the mind of your foes, you can’t control the minds of everyone at once. So, ask your friends to join you in this cosplay and tell them to dress up as their own favorite Gotham characters including Oswald Cobblepot, the Riddler, Harvey, Selina Kyle and of course, Detective Gordon himself! This is sure to be an epic cosplay and we can’t wait to see the pictures you submit!

Jervis Tetch Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the eccentric and whimsical world of Jervis Tetch, also known as the Mad Hatter from the TV series “Gotham.” Our comprehensive costume guide FAQ will assist you in capturing the essence of this fascinating character. Discover the key elements of Tetch’s attire and how to replicate his unique style for your costume endeavors.

Jervis Tetch, portrayed in "Gotham," is known for his Victorian-era inspired attire. His costume typically includes a velvet or brocade tailcoat in rich colors like purple or green, a formal waistcoat, a cravat or bow tie, and pinstriped trousers. The most iconic piece is his large top hat, often adorned with a card or a ribbon.

To replicate Tetch's top hat, choose a tall, black or dark-colored top hat. Embellish it with a wide ribbon matching the color of your coat and add a vintage-style playing card or feather for authenticity. The hat should be prominent and command attention, much like Tetch's character.

Opt for a high-collar, Victorian-style shirt, preferably in white or off-white. Accessories play a crucial role in completing the look: add a pocket watch with a chain, a pair of vintage round glasses, and a cane or walking stick for a true Mad Hatter appearance.

Jervis Tetch sports a neat, slicked-back hairstyle with a side parting. Use hair gel or pomade for a glossy finish. For makeup, emphasize a pale complexion, add dark circles under the eyes, and consider a thin, sharply-twisted mustache to mirror his eccentricity.

Integrating quotes from Jervis Tetch can elevate your costume's impact. Some memorable lines include: "Oh, Alice, don’t be afraid. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.," "You can't have your tea without your hat.," "All the best people are mad.," "I'm not mad, you know. I'm just... very much misunderstood.," and "Welcome to the tea party." These quotes encapsulate Tetch's twisted perspective and his obsession with Alice in Wonderland themes, adding depth and intrigue to your portrayal of this captivating character.

About Jervis Tetch

Jervis Tetch is a villain from the Batman Universe and more recently, the nemesis of Detective Gordon in the FOX show Gotham. A master hypnotist, he uses his mind controlling stopwatch and voice to break into the minds of people then asks them to do horrific things. His purpose of coming to Gotham was to find her sister, Alice Tetch, with whom he was abusive. After she tragically died, Jervis Tetch blamed Detective Gordon and vowed to psychologically break him.

He is an expert tactician and strategically devised a highly effective plan. Moreover, he is an extremely good manipulator even when not using his powers of hypnotism. He thinks he highly relates with the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland and often uses rhymes as a defense mechanism especially when he is angry and doesn’t feel in control. We’re sure you’ll love cosplaying this highly complex, one-of-a-kind villain!

Jervis Tetch

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