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Best Jerome Valeska Costume Guide

Jerome Valeska is one of the bad guys from the FOX television series Gotham. An insane psychopath who loves nothing more than creating unbridled chaos on the streets of Gotham, you could be forgiven for thinking we are talking about the infamous Joker. We are, however speaking about Jerome Valeska, a madman from Gotham who shares many of the antisocial traits and physical features of The Joker. Get the look of The Joker’s doppelganger with this Jerome Valeska costume guide.

Cosplay this boyishly charming interpretation of everyone’s favorite maniac–Jerome Valeska. It’s far simpler than you think! You’ll need some Colored Hair Spray, Henley Cotton Shirt, Jailbird Men Adult Costume, Fake Wound Stitch Scar, and Handcuffs and Leg Cuffs. Play around a bit with some makeup or face paint to capture the true insanity of Jerome Valeska from Gotham.

Jerome Valeska Cosplay Costumes

Do you love the DC Universe, but sick of cosplaying the same mainstream characters everyone recognizes? Maybe you’re heading to Comic-Con and you just know that tons of other people are going to be dressed as Heath Ledger’s, The Joker. Here’s an idea to break the mold and impress people with a lesser known character. While not technically The Joker, Jerome Valeska from the FOX show Gotham shares the same sinister characteristics and even the appearance as The Joker. So, mixing it up a bit and dressing as this different take on one of pop-culture’s most famous villains.

Get a team together and wreak havoc at any cosplay event as a troupe of characters from Gotham. Join your fellow inmates like Jervis Tetch or even the evil Penguin himself, Oswald Cobblepot. But watch out, for every supervillain at Comic-Con, there will be plenty of other Batman characters keeping a close eye on you!

Jerome Valeska Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the chaotic and charismatic world of Jerome Valeska from “Gotham” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Transform into the enigmatic and unpredictable character as we guide you through the essentials of crafting his distinctive and theatrical look.

Jerome Valeska's costume is known for its flamboyant and disheveled style, reflecting his chaotic personality. Key elements include a brightly colored shirt (often purple or green), a dark vest, and a mismatched, patterned suit jacket and pants. His look is completed with a bow tie, leather shoes, and a wild, unkempt hairstyle. Jerome's appearance often evolves, so feel free to choose from his various looks throughout the series.

Jerome's hair is one of his most distinctive features. It's typically styled in a messy manner and is a bright shade of red. To achieve this, you can dye your hair a vivid red color and style it to look unkempt and wild. Alternatively, a red wig styled in a similar fashion can be used.

Jerome's makeup is theatrical and exaggerated, often resembling a deranged clown. Use white face paint as a base, dark eye makeup around the eyes, and a wide, red exaggerated smile, often extending beyond the lips. Adding scars or prosthetics to create his signature facial injuries will enhance the authenticity of the costume.

Jerome often carries props that add to his manic and unpredictable persona. These can include a cane, a deck of cards, or even a fake knife or gun (ensure these are clearly fake and safe). His costume is also characterized by its lack of order, so feel free to add your own chaotic twist with mismatched buttons, patches, or a haphazardly tied bow tie.

Jerome Valeska is known for his memorable and chilling lines. Some of his quotes that you can use include: "I'm the king of Gotham!," "You ain't seen nothing yet.," "We're all Jerome!, " "Life's a bowl of cherries, and this is the pits." and "This city deserves a better class of criminal, and I'm gonna give it to them!" Incorporating these quotes will bring out Jerome's dramatic and unhinged character, making your portrayal more impactful and true to the character.

About Jerome Valeska from Gotham

Jerome Valeska is a completely unhinged maniac, a criminal with only one goal in mind–chaos. Unlike most criminals, Jerome doesn’t do what he does for wealth. On the FOX show Gotham, he simply wants to see the city of Gotham thrown into absolute despair on the grandest scale. Jerome has a certain theatrical flair to his psychopathic acts of violence, as though he is orchestrating a twisted performance for the city he so desperately wants to bring to its knees.

Both he and his twin brother, Jeremiah Valeska, were sent away by his mother at a young age. While Jeremiah grew to become a successful engineer, Jerome was hell-bent on revenge. So much so that his first murder victim was his own mother. After wreaking havoc on Gotham for many years, Jerome is eventually killed and his place as the main villain is taken by his brother Jeremiah, who follows in Jerome’s footsteps and eventually becomes known as The Joker.

Jerome Valeska

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