How to Dress Like Jeff the Killer

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Jeff the Killer Costume Guide
White Hoodie
Black Jeans
Jeff Mask
Toy Knife
Men's Wig
Black Sneakers

Best Jeff the Killer Costume Guide

Jeff The Killer is a character from an internet Creepypasta of the same name which first appeared in 2008. According to his story, Jeff is the victim of bullying, however, he has a rage inside him which has enabled him to turn on the bullies. His brother Liu is ultimately charged with attacking the bullies. When they come back for Jeff, he doesn’t get off so lightly, being badly beaten and burned. Get the look of the homicidal maniac with this Jeff The Killer costume guide.

Returning home from the hospital, Jeff goes insane and cuts the corners of his mouth into a large smile and even cuts off his eyelids so he can never sleep again. This night, he kills his parents and brother, whispering “Go to sleep,” as he drives a knife into their chest. From that night, Jeff becomes a crazed serial killer who creeps into homes and murders those who do not sleep. To cosplay Jeff the Killer, you’ll need a Men’s Wig, Jeff Mask, White Hoodie, Black Jeans, and every psychotic killer’s favorite weapon of choice, a Toy Knife.


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