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Jeff (The Wiggles) Costume Guide

Best Jeff (The Wiggles) Costume Guide

Jeff Fatt is part of the Australian children’s music group, The Wiggles. He, along with another Wiggles member, Anthony Field, was a part of a popular 80s pop band, The Cockroaches. Jeff is one of the original members of The Wiggles and plays both the piano and accordion. He is known as the purple Wiggle and happens to be the oldest among the members of the group. Phillip Wilcher, Murray Cook, Greg Page, and Jeff Fatt started their Wiggles career by performing for a dozen children in a daycare facility in Randwick in New South Wales. Since then, they have become a cultural phenomenon. Though Jeff is still involved in the production for the group, he no longer performs.

If you love purple, you will surely love Jeff’s costume! Get the look of the original Wiggle with this Jeff from The Wiggles costume guide. Dress up in a Purple Long Sleeve Shirt, Black Pants, The Wiggles Decal, The Wiggles Belt, and Black Dress Shoes. Then, complete the look with a Purple Electric Guitar.

Jeff (The Wiggles) Cosplay Costumes

Jeff wore purple for his 21-year stint performing in The Wiggles. According to Jeff, it took him 12 months to “learn the language of preschool,” as he describes it. His lack of knowledge in early childhood education made him hesitant to create a children’s album. But, it was Jeff who started favorites like “Henry the Octopus,” one of the Wiggles’ characters. He also lends his voice to the role of Wags the Dog. He later admitted that his first performance as a Wiggle was a traumatic experience because he wasn’t used to being around kids. He is known for falling asleep at odd times. His tendency to fall asleep is why one of the Wiggles songs is titled “Wake Up, Jeff!” which also became a Wiggles catchphrase.

If one of your children is a fan of the Wiggles, you could dress up as the Purple Wiggle and make their Halloween a special day? This Jeff costume guide has you covered from head to foot! The ensemble even includes a Purple Electric Guitar! But, you could take it to the next level and get some friends to dress up like the complete cast of the Wiggles!

Jeff (The Wiggles) Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the colorful and joyful world of The Wiggles with our costume guide FAQ for Jeff, one of the beloved original members of the children’s music group. Known for his purple shirt and playful persona, this guide will help you capture Jeff’s iconic look, perfect for entertaining kids or reliving nostalgic memories.

Jeff's outfit is famously simple yet iconic. The essential elements include a bright purple long-sleeve shirt, black pants, and black shoes. The purple shirt is the most distinctive part of his costume, often adorned with a white collar and The Wiggles' logo. Comfort and simplicity are key to replicating Jeff's friendly and approachable look.

Jeff has short, neatly-styled black hair and a clean-shaven face, reflecting his tidy and approachable appearance. To replicate his look, opt for a simple and clean hairstyle. Makeup should be minimal, aiming for a natural and cheerful expression to connect with a young audience.

While Jeff's costume is quite straightforward, carrying a few Wiggles-themed props can enhance the authenticity of your costume. This might include a toy musical instrument like a keyboard or guitar, as Jeff is known for his musical talent. Additionally, having a teddy bear or other plush toys can represent the various characters and themes often seen in The Wiggles' shows.

Since Jeff's character is designed to entertain children, it's important to use comfortable and non-restrictive clothing. Ensure the materials are soft and suitable for extended wear, especially if you're planning to engage in activities or performances. Safety is also key; avoid sharp accessories and ensure any props are child-friendly and non-hazardous.

Jeff is famously known for falling asleep and needing to be woken up with the phrase "Wake up, Jeff!" Incorporating this playful aspect into your cosplay can add an interactive and fun element. Mimicking his musical performances, enthusiastic dancing, and friendly interactions with children and other characters can also bring Jeff's character to life.

About Jeff (The Wiggles)

Aside from being the oldest member of The Wiggles, Jeff is also the shortest and skinniest male member. He is the only member who is not married, engaged, or even romantically involved. His favorite food is broccoli, and he loves to eat cereal with bananas for breakfast.

In 2006, Fatt and the other original members of The Wiggles received honorary doctorates from the Australian Catholic University. In 2009, they received additional honorary degrees from Macquarie University. Then, a year later, Jeff and the three original Wiggles became a Member of the Order of Australia “for service to the arts, particularly children’s entertainment, and to the community as a benefactor and supporter of a range of charities.” It was in 2012 that he, along with Greg Page and Murray Cook, retired from touring with the group. Jeff was replaced by Lachlan Gillespie. The three retired members continue to stay actively involved with creative and production oversight.

Jeff (The Wiggles)

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