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Javier Escuella is the main character in Red Dead Redemption 2, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console game. Featuring storytelling elements, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure western video game. Javier is a Mexican born man who fled to America after killing a military man over a woman. He meets up with Dutch van der Linde who invites him to join his gang. He quickly accepts the offer. Javier becomes a gunman and worthy member of the gang who helps with several robberies and holdups. 

Due to Dutch’s friendliness, Javier stays loyal to him throughout the events of the game. Even when the gang begins to fall apart, Javier sticks by his friend’s side until the end. He takes pride in his appearance and doesn’t react well to mockery and disrespect. Get the look of the vain bounty hunter with this Javier Escuella costume guide. Capture the look of Javier Escuella, the vigilante with a Denim Jacket, Men’s Jeans, Poncho, Top Hat, Cowboy Spurs, Cartridge Belt, Western Vest, Cowboy Pistol and Western Boots.

Javier Escuella Cosplay Costumes

Javier takes trust very seriously, especially after being accepted by Dutch during a time of struggle. Sometimes his loyalty of Dutch can blind him from his real flaws, but he doesn’t seem to mind. When Escuella is not helping Dutch with a robbery, he’s often playing or writing music for the members of the gang. He likes entertaining the men and finds it lifts everyone’s spirits. 

Overall, the pieces of Javier Escuella’s outfit aren’t too difficult to find. However, that doesn’t mean these everyday clothing items won’t stand out. When styled just right, you will easily pass as a western outlaw. Hopefully, you will be able to walk through a building without causing too much of a stir. To sell this look, make sure your clothes are a little dirty. Javier has been roughing it in the Wild West, so there’s going to be dirt, dust, and sand on almost everything he owns.

Javier Escuella Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the gritty and expansive world of “Red Dead Redemption 2” by stepping into the role of Javier Escuella, the loyal and skilled outlaw. Our costume guide FAQ will assist you in recreating Javier’s rugged, Western-style look, capturing his outlaw spirit and his role within the Van der Linde gang. We’ll address your key questions about replicating his distinctive attire and his charismatic persona.

Javier Escuella's outfit is emblematic of the classic Western outlaw. Essential elements include a wide-brimmed cowboy hat, a bandana (often worn around his neck), a Western-style button-up shirt, and a leather vest. His look is completed with a pair of rugged trousers, cowboy boots, and a gun belt with a holster. Javier often wears a poncho or a coat in earthy tones, adding to his outlaw persona.

Javier has a distinctive look with medium-length, wavy black hair and a well-groomed mustache and beard. Use a black wig styled to create a wavy, somewhat unkempt look, and a fake mustache and beard if you can't grow one. The key is to capture his rugged yet charismatic appearance.

The materials for Javier's clothing should be rustic and durable, reflecting his life as an outlaw. Use natural fabrics like cotton and wool for the shirt and leather or a leather-like material for the vest. The trousers should be sturdy, like denim or heavy cotton. His poncho or coat can be made from wool or a wool blend.

Key props for a Javier Escuella costume include a replica revolver in a holster on his gun belt and a wide-brimmed cowboy hat. Make sure any weapons are clearly identifiable as fake and comply with cosplay safety guidelines. Other accessories like spurs for the boots and period-appropriate coins or trinkets can add authenticity to the outfit.

To bring depth to your portrayal of Javier Escuella, consider using some of his memorable quotes: "We’re more ghosts than people.," "In this place, we are all only as good as the world allows us to be.," "I would kill for it, I would happily die for it.," "We are thieves, in a world that don’t want us no more." and "I gave everything for this gang. And what do they do for me when I get grabbed? Nothing." These quotes reflect Javier's loyalty, his existential outlook, and his commitment to the Van der Linde gang, making them ideal for adding authenticity to your costume portrayal.

About Javier Escuella

Gabriel Sloyer voices Javier Escuella in the video game Red Dead Redemption 2. He was born in Nuevo Paraíso, Mexico, to a drunkard father. Growing up on his uncle’s farm led to him seeing many things he didn’t agree with. He began to see it all as a corrupt system. He even killed a former military officer over a woman he loved. He fled to America, where he hoped he’d be safe. Upon arriving in the U.S., he didn’t know any English and nearly starved. 

At some point, Javier tries to steal some chickens and runs into Dutch van der Linde who’s doing the same thing. Dutch takes pity on the man. He clothes and feeds him, which leads him to join the Van der Linde gang. Because of his compassion, Javier idolizes Dutch and will forever look up to him. He’s more than happy to be his gunman for several robberies and doesn’t take disrespect to Dutch lightly.

Javier Escuella

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