How to Dress Like Jasper

Female TV Shows
Long Wavy White Blond
Orange Face & Body Paint
Red Liquid Face Paint
Women's V Neck Ruched Sleeveless Sexy Blouse Stretch Tank Tops
3-inch Wide Black Heavy Stretch High Elasticity Knit Elastic Band
Yellow FLT-0335 Stiff Felt Sheet
Tall Winter Snow Fur Boots
Fleece Lined Leggings

Best Jasper Costume Guide

If you’re looking for another spin on a soldier cosplay, Jasper from the animated series Steven Universe on Cartoon Network is a worthy option. Follow this cosplay guide, and we’ll show you how to pull off her look in preparation for protecting the Homeworld.

Start with Orange Face & Body Paint with Red Liquid Face Paint added for accents. Wear a Women’s V-Neck Sleeveless Tank Top over Fleece Lined Leggings. Then add a 3-inch Wide Black Stretch Elastic Band and Yellow Stiff Felt Sheet to match Jaspar’s original look. Choose a rugged pair of Tall Winter Fur Boots and finishing with a Long Wavy White Blond Wig.

Jasper Cosplay Costumes

Homeworld Gem soldier, Jasper, from Steven Universe is the perfect cosplay for those gifted in makeup transformations. Your first step in recreating this look will be a stop at a craft store. You can pick up body paint to easily emulate her skin color and facial stripes. And just about any long blonde wavy wig will be a very close match to Jaspar’s hair type.

A simple V-Neck Sleeveless Tank Top coupled with a pair of black leggings will get you a similar look. But, adding a piece of felt cut out in the shape of a yellow diamond will mirror what Jasper wears a bit closer. But, feel free to step it up with materials that sparkle even more. Be on the lookout for a pair of reddish Ugg boots, but plain brown will work just as well. Complete her look with a Long Wavy White Blond wig.

Jasper Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the colorful and dynamic world of “Steven Universe” with our costume guide FAQ for Jasper, the formidable and headstrong Homeworld Gem known for her strength and warrior-like demeanor. A character with a complex story arc and a distinctive appearance, Jasper’s look is both powerful and iconic in the “Steven Universe” series. This guide is ideal for fans looking to embody Jasper’s character at cosplay events, themed parties, or any gathering celebrating the diverse universe of “Steven Universe.”

Jasper's outfit is characterized by its simplicity and Gem warrior aesthetics. Essential elements include a sleeveless orange and yellow bodysuit with a dark yellow diamond shape at the center. The bodysuit is accented with a V-shaped neckline and a darker orange trim. Jasper's physical appearance includes her large, muscular build, voluminous orange hair styled in a swept-back, spiky manner, and her gemstone located on her nose. She also has distinct markings on her face, resembling orange stripes.

To replicate Jasper's hair, use a wig styled to be voluminous, spiky, and orange. For the facial markings, use safe, skin-friendly orange makeup or face paint to create the stripes on your cheeks and around the eyes. Jasper's gemstone on the nose can be represented with a stick-on gem or face paint.

Jasper is typically shown without distinct footwear, as her bodysuit extends over her feet. To emulate this, opt for orange or yellow shoes or boots that blend seamlessly with the bodysuit, giving the appearance of a continuous outfit.

Key accessories for a Jasper costume include her Gem weapon, a helmet that covers her head and features a prominent orange visor. Creating a prop helmet with craft foam or lightweight materials can add authenticity to the costume. Additionally, body paint to enhance muscular definition can emphasize Jasper's warrior-like physique.

Jasper is known for her commanding presence and warrior mentality. Here are some memorable quotes: "I was there, you know. At the first war for this garbage planet.," "Fight for Earth? What is this, a joke?," "You can't stop me, I'm a force of nature!," "I've been fighting from the second I broke free of the Earth's crust." and "Why won't you just let me do this for you, Rose?." These quotes capture Jasper's aggressive nature, her disdain for Earth, and her complex relationship with Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Jasper

Jasper is a fierce soldier who was created on Earth, halfway through the Rebellion in the Beta Kindergarten. Conditions were poor, but she came out as an “ultimate quartz” with natural born soldiering abilities. Originally created to serve Pink Diamond, she was reassigned to Yellow Diamond when Pink was destroyed by Rose Quartz. Harboring a deep resentment for Rose Quartz, she vows to avenge Pink Diamond. Jasper is intense and hot tempered. She is also known to have a sadistic side to her, and at times, is manipulative.

Fiercely loyal to Homeworld, she believes that any gem that goes against the Great Diamond Authority should be destroyed. Despite her self-assured attitude, Jasper is deeply insecure. This probably stems from her failure to successfully fuse with any other gem. Her attempts at fusing with a corrupt gem with the intention of creating an army to destroy Rose caused her to bubble and be teleported to the Burning room in her last appearance on the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe.


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