How to Dress Like Jason Voorhees

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Jason Voorhees Costume Guide
Jason Hockey Mask
Toy Machete
Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Navy Blue T-Shirt
Black Gloves
Black Work Pants
Hooded Jacket
Black Boots

Best Jason Voorhees Costume Guide

Jason, masked with his signature hockey goalie mask, first appeared in Friday the 13th in 1980 when the original film was released. The character and film continued as a franchise well into the 2000’s. Along with Freddy Krueger, Jason has to be one of the all-time scariest villains appearing in horror films. From the very first movie which Ari Lehman portrayed the killer, Jason somehow continues to be resurrected after being killed over and over again. Get the look of the psychological killer with this Jason Voorhees costume guide.

Cosplay the murderous costume with a Black T-Shirt, Black Work Pants, Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Navy Blue T-Shirt, Black Boots, and a pair of Black Gloves. Get the killer feel of Jason by wearing a Jason Hockey Mask and Toy Machete. It’s time to scare all of your friends!

Jason Voorhees Cosplay Costumes

Who wouldn’t want the most recognizable horror costume! This killer Jason Voorhees costume doesn’t have anything too difficult to find. In fact, you probably already have some of these items in your own closet! Check for a dark long and short sleeve shirts, black jeans, and the basic black shoes before going out and buying these. The Jason Hockey Mask and Toy Machete can be found at a local costume shop or online.

Jason doesn’t keep too many people around him (for long). But, it is still possible to turn this into a group cosplay! Get a couple of your friends to dress as other horror movie killers like Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, or Dr. Decker. Regardless of who you choose, make sure you’re covered in blood! Send us a picture of your completed costume if you follow this Jason Voorhees costume guide to be posted for others to see.

About Jason Voorhees

Jason, who appeared in Friday the 13th, started off with a hard life having physical deformities and mental disabilities. His mother did her best to take care of him, but kids in the camp where Jason lived constantly bullied him. It went so far that a group of children threw Jason into the lake and he drowned. His mother, taken over with grief, went on a killing rampage and was eventually killed as well. Jason who somehow came back to life and didn’t do so well with his mother’s death.

Jason went on a killing spree of his own, beginning with hunting down the girl who killed his mother. From there, he would kill anyone in his path especially if they were working at a summer camp. He is somehow immortal, even if it appears that he has truly been killed. He has killed over 150 people throughout all of the films in the Friday the 13th series. Are we sure Jason isn’t quite finished yet?

Jason Voorhees

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