How to Dress Like Jason Voorhees (Part 2)

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Burlap Potato Sack
Plaid Flannel Shirt
Denim Bib Overalls
Plastic Pick Axe
Leather Chukka Boot

Best Jason Voorhees (Part 2) Costume Guide

This terrorizing figure is one of the most feared and diabolical characters of all time. The vision of this sinister killer in the Friday the 13th movie series brutally slashed his terrified victims with a methodical precision that never fails to send a paralyzing chill running down your spine. In the second segment, Friday the 13th – Part 2, the movie picks up from the previous installment with a new killer that stalks anew. The victims this time are the counselors of a training camp in Crystal Lake. While his mother was finally revealed as the cold-blooded killer in the first movie, Jason Voorhees is now revealed as the slayer-stalker in Friday the 13th – Part 2. Get the look of the psychotic murderer with this Jason Voorhees (Part 2) costume guide.

Jason is given a new lease of life to re-enact a new reign of terror near Camp Crystal Lake vicinity. Cosplay Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th – Part 2 with the signature-styled Burlap Potato Sack, Plaid Flannel Shirt, Denim Bib Overalls, Plastic Pick Axe, and a pair of Leather Chukka Boots. Happy stalking!

Jason Voorhees (Part 2) Cosplay Costumes

A different look for a new installment! This Halloween, you can get Jason Voorhees alternate look from the second installment of Friday the 13th. Back to avenge his mother’s death, Jason visits Crystal Lake training camp to murder the camp counselors. Grab a trusty pickaxe because this cosplay is really easy to match. With a flannel shirt, overalls, and a pair of basic boots, all you really need is a burlap sack to throw over your head!

Afraid to go to a Halloween party or cosplay event alone? Grab a few friends to accompany you as Jason Voorhees from the original Friday the 13th movie as well as Friday the 13th – Part 3. This scary trifecta of murderous characters will provide more scare than your friends are ready for!

Jason Voorhees (Part 2) Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the early days of the horror icon Jason Voorhees with our “Friday the 13th Part 2” costume guide FAQ. This guide is designed to assist you in recreating Jason’s initial and distinctive appearance from the movie, capturing the essence of his raw and terrifying character.

In "Part 2," Jason's look is more rudimentary compared to his later appearances. His outfit includes a dark long sleeve shirt, dark trousers (preferably olive green or brown), and work boots. The most defining feature is the burlap sack with a single eyehole that he wears over his head, a departure from the hockey mask he's later known for.

To recreate Jason's burlap sack mask, you'll need a piece of burlap fabric large enough to cover your head. Cut a single hole for one eye, and tie the sack around the back of your head with a rope or a piece of fabric. Make sure it's secure but comfortable to wear.

Jason wears rugged, dark-colored work boots. They should appear worn and dirty to match his overall menacing and unkempt appearance.

In "Friday the 13th Part 2," Jason is seen wielding a pickaxe, which is a key prop for this version of the character. You can use a fake pickaxe to add authenticity to your costume. Remember to prioritize safety and ensure that any props used are clearly fake and harmless.

To embody Jason from "Part 2," focus on his menacing presence. He is a silent character, so conveying emotion and intent through body language is crucial. Practice moving slowly and deliberately, and use your stature and movements to intimidate, just as Jason does in the film. These FAQs will guide you in accurately portraying Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th Part 2," focusing on his early appearance with the burlap sack mask and his imposing physical presence.

About Jason Voorhees (Part 2)

The new plot kicks off in Friday the 13th – Part 2 with a new scene near Camp Crystal Lake with a fresh batch of counselor training camp attendees under the supervision of Paul Holt and his assistant Ginny Field. Sandra and her boyfriend Jeff, along with Terry, Scott, Vickie, Mark, Ted, and others are the gung-ho freshies undergoing orientation at the camp. In a late evening campfire session, the group is reacquainted with the disturbing story of Jason‘s survival. The story is told of how he is eagerly waiting to exact vengeance for his mother’s death. Later that same night, Jason makes an ominous appearance to cut off Crazy Ralph who’s on his way to warn the group about Jason’s presence. The death toll keeps rising as Jason continues to stalk and slash his way through the movie.

It’s sheer primetime cosplay fun to be the costumed characters in Friday the 13th – Part 2 revisiting the macabre spectacle of Jason Voorhees and his axed victims. Get ready to shed some blood this Halloween!

Jason Voorhees (Part 2)

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