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Jane Porter is a fictional character in the timeless Tarzan story. She has featured in numerous Tarzan books, films, and television adaptions, and the costume we’re bringing you here is from Disney’s animated 1999 film Tarzan, 2002’s sequel Tarzan and Jane, and the subsequent animated TV series The Legend of Tarzan. She is voiced by Minnie Driver in the first film and Olivia D’Abo in the sequel and TV series.

Jane is a main character in the Tarzan story, and in this case is a brilliant zoologist and artist who travels to Africa to study gorillas. While there, this upper-class Englishwoman meets Tarzan, the man who lives among the apes and finds herself falling in love with him. If you want to dress as the adventurous animal love Jane Porter, you’ll need to get yourself a Women’s Princess Costume, Cosplay Wig, Fedora Hat, Satin Ribbon and Hard Cover Notebook.

Jane Porter Cosplay Costumes

The Tarzan story dates back to an original book released in 1912, and while the character of Jane varies in minor ways throughout history, the one thing remains the same – she is just as important to the story as the title character. Not to mention that the Disney version is probably the most well-known modern-day depiction of Jane’s character. Who wouldn’t want to be part adventurer and part Disney princess?

This great costume allows you to combine with a friend or partner who wants to dress as Tarzan, and you can be the most popular couple at any party. We do recommend working on your British accent to get the most out of your cosplay experience! If you and a friend make your mark as Jane Porter and Tarzan, we’d love to see photos so don’t forget to upload them to the site!

Jane Porter Costume Tips & FAQs

Venture into the lush and exotic world of the “Tarzan” story with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Jane Porter. This guide will assist you in capturing the essence of Jane’s adventurous and scholarly character, perfect for bringing to life the inquisitive and elegant heroine from this classic tale.

Jane Porter's outfit is a blend of Victorian elegance and practicality for jungle exploration. Essential components include a full-length, yellow or cream-colored dress with puffed sleeves and a high neckline. The dress should be lightweight and flowing, suitable for movement in a jungle setting. Additionally, a wide-brimmed sun hat, lace-up boots, and a parasol complete her sophisticated explorer look.

To recreate Jane's Victorian dress, look for a gown with a fitted bodice, puffed sleeves, and a full skirt. It should be in a light, earthy tone like yellow or cream. Add details such as ruffles, lace trim, or period-appropriate buttons to enhance the Victorian aesthetic. Fabrics like cotton or linen work well to keep the outfit breathable and comfortable.

Jane's footwear should be both elegant and practical for exploration. Opt for Victorian-style lace-up ankle boots in brown or black. The boots should have a modest heel and be comfortable for walking.

ane Porter typically has her hair styled in an elegant updo, such as a bun or a twist, often with a few loose strands to soften the look. Makeup should be natural and understated, emphasizing a fresh, clean look appropriate for a lady of the Victorian era.

Jane Porter is known for her curiosity, intelligence, and gentle demeanor. Some memorable characteristics and quotes include:cHer fascination with the jungle and its inhabitants, often expressing wonder and excitement. "Oh, how exciting this is!," Her kindness and empathy towards animals and people alike. "It's like nothing I've ever seen before!," and Her ability to adapt and learn, showing resilience and resourcefulness. These characteristics highlight Jane's adventurous spirit, her scholarly nature, and her compassionate heart.

About Jane Porter

Jane Porter is a character from the hit Disney film Tarzan, a sequel titled Tarzan and Jane, and the following animated TV series called The Legend of Tarzan. Jane is characterized as an upper-class British woman whose father, Archimedes Q. Porter is a well-known professor. Jane follows in her father’s footsteps academically and becomes an animal researcher, often embarking on expeditions to learn more about animal behavior.

On her most ambitious adventure yet, a trip to Africa to study gorillas, she meets Tarzan, and the pair fall in love while struggling to adapt to each other’s home environments. In the TV series, the couple live in the jungle, in a treehouse built by Tarzan’s deceased parents. She has adapted reasonably well; however, she is usually portrayed as a damsel in distress who gets herself into dangerous situations from which Tarzan needs to rescue her.

Jane Porter

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