How to Dress Like James from Team Rocket

Black T-Shirt
Pokémon James Adult Wig
Chef Pants
Rocket Inspired Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Canvas Web Belt
Black Gauntlet Gloves
Captain Boot
  1. Black T-Shirt Check Price
  2. Pokémon James Adult Wig Check Price
  3. Chef Pants Check Price
  4. Rocket Inspired Long Sleeve T-Shirt Check Price
  5. Canvas Web Belt Check Price
  6. Pokéball Check Price
  7. Black Gauntlet Gloves Check Price
  8. Captain Boot Check Price

Best James Costume Guide

Get an outfit like James, who along with Jessie and Meowth, follows around Ash Ketchum trying to steal his Pikachu. Ge the look to be a member of Team Rocket, the crime syndicate, that tries to use Pokemon for profit and world domination. Dress up like James with a Pokémon James Adult Wig, Rocket Inspired Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Black T-Shirt, Chef Pants, Canvas Web Belt, Black Gauntlet Gloves, and a pair of Captain Boots. Don’t be without a Pokéball when you finally get the chance to capture Pikachu.

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