How to Dress Like James Delaney

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Slim Fit Dress Shirts
Black Waiter Vest
Black Belt
Black Casual Pants
Geniune Leather Black Gloves
Black Top Hat
Black Captain Boots
Double Breasted Overcoat Trench Coat

Best James Delaney Costume Guide

James Keziah Delaney is not just a man, he’s the devil himself. Played by Tom Hardy in the BBC One drama series Taboo, Delaney is presumed dead for 10 years until he mysteriously arrives back from Africa to inherit what’s left of his inheritance, his father’s corrupted shipping empire. During his stay in Africa, he has both seen and done despicable things, scarring him forever. James Delany uncovers a dark family conspiracy while aiming to avenge his father’s death.

James Delany might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but it is definitely the classiest clothing. First, you’ll need a crisp, ironed Slim Fit Dress Shirts upon which you’ll wear a Black Waiter Vest. Then, you’ll be putting on a fine pair of Black Casual Pants buckled with a simple Black Belt. On top of all that will be a Double Breasted Overcoat. Jump into a pair of Black Captain’s Boots and finish the look off with what will be a nice, sturdy Black Top hat and a pair of Genuine Black Leather Gloves.

James Delaney Cosplay Costumes

If you’ve seen James Delaney in the Taboo series, you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. You’re not just a gentleman, you’re also a hunter. And as such, you’ll have to carry yourself like one. Wear a Slim Fit Dress Shirt, preferably in black, just like the one James Delaney’s wears. Next, wear a pair of finely ironed Black Casual Pants with a simple Black Belt. Against the shirt, layer a Black Waiter Vest with a Double Breasted Overcoat to top it off. Next, you’ll need Black Captain’s Boots and a pair of Genuine Black Leather Gloves. Put on the final piece of apparel to wrap it up, which is an ever-so-classy Black Top Hat.

That’s it, wear that and you can walk anywhere on Earth in style! If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try recreating James Delaney’s scars by putting a bit of red makeup on your face. Couple that with a bit of dirt, and you’ll send any enemy of yours running in the opposite direction!

James Delaney Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the dark and mysterious world of “Taboo” with our costume guide for James Delaney, the brooding and enigmatic protagonist played by Tom Hardy. Known for his intense presence, complex backstory, and striking attire, Delaney’s look is both captivating and emblematic of the early 19th century setting. Perfect for fans seeking to embody this intriguing character at cosplay events, themed parties, or any gathering celebrating the intrigue of “Taboo,” this guide will help you recreate James Delaney’s signature style.

James Delaney's outfit is reflective of early 19th century London, with a rugged, slightly disheveled elegance. Essential components include a dark, long tailored coat, often with a high collar and dark buttons. Underneath, he wears a waistcoat, a white or pale shirt with a high collar, and black trousers. His look is completed with a top hat and black boots. Delaney often appears with a thick beard and has several notable tattoos, adding to his mysterious persona.

James Delaney has unkempt, medium-length hair and a thick beard. To achieve his hairstyle, use a wig or style your own hair to be slightly disheveled and tousled. The beard should be full and well-groomed, maintaining a rugged appearance.

James Delaney wears black leather boots typical of the early 19th century. The boots should be sturdy and practical, fitting the period's style and Delaney's often treacherous adventures.

Key accessories for a James Delaney costume include a top hat, which is emblematic of the period. Additionally, recreating his distinctive tattoos with temporary tattoo paper or body paint can add authenticity to the costume. Delaney is also known for carrying a walking stick or cane.

James Delaney is known for his brooding and intense dialogue. Here are some memorable quotes: "I have sworn to do very foolish things.," "I'm not fit to be around people.," "I witnessed and participated in darkness that you cannot conceive.," "All human life is here, but the Holy Ghost seems to be somewhere else." and "I have a use for you." These quotes capture Delaney's dark and complex character, his haunted past, and his determination to achieve his goals, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About James Delaney

Who is the real James Delany? Nobody quite knows. But, a better question might be: What is James Delaney? He might just be a mentally ill person, or the devil himself. As far as history goes, James Delany started off as a Corporal of the East India Trading Company. As a Cadet, he showed great promise and was an outstanding student. But then the worst happened and he was lost in Africa.

Presumed dead for over 10-years, he came back to London, physically and mentally scarred, to inherit his father’s shipping empire in the BBC One series Taboo. As expected, things weren’t so easy with powerful men after his blood. But James Delany is no pushover. He’s cunning and ridiculously strong, coldly calculating and not afraid to tear out human throats and hearts. And that’s just the beginning. In Africa, he learned some terrifying rituals as well, further adding to his gory personality. He constantly blurs the line between reality and fantasy.

James Delaney

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