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Fleece Jacket
Cargo Shorts
Synthetic Wig
Elbow Patch
Ankle Socks
Skate Shoe

Best Jake Long Costume Guide

The main character of the popular Disney animated series American Dragon: Jake Long, Jake Long is a young Chinese-American teenager living in New York City. He also happens to be a descendant of magical dragons! On his thirteenth birthday, his dragon-like magical abilities were fully revealed thrusting him into the role of protecting the underground magical community of New York City and the world. Throughout the show, he fights villains to protect the world while continuing to hone and develop his abilities under the guidance of his grandfather Lao Shi and his animal guardian Fu Dog. Get the look of the American dragon with this Jake Long costume guide.

Feel like you’re flying through the streets of New York City as a magical dragon. To cosplay Jake Long, you’ll need a Synthetic Wig, a Fleece Jacket, an Elbow Patch, Cargo Shorts, Ankle Socks, Skate Shoes, and a Skateboard.

Jake Long Cosplay Costumes

Jake Long is a typical American adolescent with typical American adolescent needs and wants. Thrust in the role of American Dragon at a young age, Jake struggles to balance the responsibilities of being the guardian of the magical community and the struggles and experiences of being a young teenager in New York City. His overall attitude is also very telling of his age: oftentimes feeling older than he really is and cocky about the challenges he can or cannot handle. Looking at Jake, you can really tell that he was meant to be a young, hip teenager from New York: never without his skateboard and rocking a fleece jacket, cargo shorts, ankle socks, and skate shoes like only a cool kid could.

Skate into any party as Jake Long with other American Dragon characters like Arthur “Spud” Spudinski, Trixie Carter, and Rose.

Jake Long Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the modern-day hero with our costume guide FAQ for Jake Long, the charismatic and courageous protagonist of “American Dragon: Jake Long.” Perfect for animation fans, cosplay events, or themed parties, this guide will help you capture Jake Long’s cool, urban style combined with his dragon heritage, embodying the spirit of this beloved Disney character.

Jake Long's outfit is a blend of typical teenage fashion and dragon-inspired elements. His everyday look includes a red zip-up jacket with a dragon emblem on the front, a plain white t-shirt underneath, baggy blue jeans, and red sneakers. His style is casual and relatable, reflecting his dual life as a teenager and a mythical creature.

Jake Long has a distinctive spiky hairstyle, typically in a dark shade. To achieve this look, style your hair (or a wig) to have prominent, upright spikes. Use hair gel or pomade for a firm hold. If your hair isn't naturally dark, consider using temporary hair dye to match his hair color.

Essential accessories for Jake Long's costume include a skateboard, which is a nod to his love for skateboarding and his active lifestyle. Additionally, wearing a dragon-shaped pendant or necklace can subtly hint at his dragon identity. These elements add depth to his character as a modern-day teenage dragon.

Jake Long's red zip-up jacket is iconic and features a distinctive dragon emblem on the front, symbolizing his dragon powers. This emblem should be included for an authentic look. It can be created using fabric paint or by attaching a patch to the jacket.

Jake Long, known for his confident and upbeat personality, has several memorable lines such as, "Dragon up!" when he transforms into a dragon, and "Chill, dawg. I got this!" reflecting his cool and confident demeanor. Embodying his energetic and positive attitude, along with his urban lingo, will enhance your portrayal of the character.

About Jake Long

Voiced by Dante Basco, Jake Long is known to be cool and hip, even among his peers. This is evidenced by the things he’s interested in like skateboarding and video games as well as the wide network of people he hangs out with. Despite a wide network, however, Jake’s group of close friends is tightly knit. You can often see him hanging out and having misadventures with his closest best friends Spud and Trixie, who are practically family to him.

Just like any young teenager, Jake is also convinced that he is in love with the perfect girl. In this case, that perfect girl is Rose, a character later on revealed to be the Huntsgirl – an enemy of Jake’s in the magical world. Despite this big drawback and the many challenges that come with it, Jake and Rose are able to move forward with a romantic relationship against the odds.

Jake Long

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