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Jade Wilson is a character that was first introduced in the movie, Teen Titans Go! that was voiced by Kristen Bell. Every popular superhero has had a movie made about them, except the Teen Titans. Robin, the leader of the group, is determined to become the star for once and takes the entire team down to Hollywood. Unfortunately, when they get there, they find out someone is trying to take over the world and is controlling superheroes to do it!

Jade Wilson is your stereotypical director who has made a name for herself producing all the superhero films. But, for some reason, she refuses to make a movie about the Teen Titans and focuses on bigger superheroes. Fool the heroes of Hollywood dressed up as Jade Wilson. For the look, you will need a Green Blazer, Black V-Neck Shirt, Blue Pants, Maroon Belt, Orange Bracelet, Triangle Earrings, Maroon Boots, and White Hair Wig.

Jade Wilson Cosplay Costumes

Jade’s costume in the movie Teen Titans Go! could not be easier for cosplayers! It’s the perfect last-minute costume for anyone who’s in a rush for a unique look. Unlike dressing up as one of the superheroes, which can require specific costumes and details, Jade’s outfit is relaxed and easy to find. Find almost everything for Jade’s look in your closet and if now, a secondhand shop should have what you need! The outfit should be easy to pull together with simple jeans or business pants, a button-up shirt on top of a black t-shirt, and a pair of boots. Finally, put on a short white wig on, and you’re practically Jade Wilson!

There are so many ways you could make Jade Wilson’s costume into a group cosplay. You could pair Jade and Slade back to back, have Teen Titans pestering you for a movie, or add any other heroes you like from the Teen Titans Go! movie. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to send a photo of your Jade Wilson costume to the Halloween Costume Contest!

Jade Wilson Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the animated world of “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” with our costume guide FAQ focused on Jade Wilson, the renowned and enigmatic movie director. This guide will help you replicate Jade Wilson’s stylish and commanding look, perfect for cosplay events, movie-themed parties, or any occasion where you want to embody the spirit of this charismatic character.

Jade Wilson's outfit in "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" is sleek and modern, reflecting her role as a successful Hollywood director. The key elements include a white, sleeveless, turtleneck top, a blue blazer, and white pants. She also wears a pair of stylish glasses, adding to her intellectual and sophisticated appearance.

Jade Wilson has a short, stylish haircut that's easy to replicate with a wig if you don't have similar hair. The hairstyle is a pixie cut with slightly longer strands at the top. For makeup, focus on a professional look with neutral tones, a subtle eye shadow, and a light lipstick or lip gloss. Don't forget her signature round glasses which are a key part of her look.

For Jade Wilson's blazer, look for a fitted, single-breasted blue blazer. It should be stylish yet professional. Pair this with white pants, which should be sleek and well-fitting. The combination of the blue blazer and white pants creates a look that's both commanding and chic.

To enhance your Jade Wilson costume, consider adding accessories like a director's clapboard or a film script, highlighting her role as a movie director. A stylish wristwatch and a pair of sleek, low-heeled shoes would also complement the outfit.

Jade Wilson is known for her confident and sometimes mysterious demeanor. Including some of her characteristics or quotes can add depth to your portrayal. Here are some ideas: Characteristics: Confident, articulate, and a bit secretive. She often speaks with authority and has a commanding presence. Quotes: While specific quotes from the movie may not be widely known, you can embody her character by speaking about filmmaking, directing, and the importance of storytelling in cinema. Including these elements will help you capture the essence of Jade Wilson's character, making your costume more authentic and engaging.

About Jade Wilson

Actress Kristen Bell voices the Hollywood director, Jade Wilson, in the 2018 movie, Teen Titans Go! Jade spends all of her time making superhero movies. She’s practically worked with every superhero there is, except Teen Titans. She’s good at what she does, and people love her work. It’s the perfect cover for what she’s doing.

Jade Wilson is the alter-ego of Slade, Robin’s arch-nemesis. Robin is so desperate to star in a movie of his own that it’s almost too easy to take advantage of him. His friends may not trust Jade, but they don’t matter to her as much. Robin becomes obsessed with trying to get his movie and ultimately hurts his friends in the process. He’s practically doing Slade’s work for her. Slade plans to steal a crystal from Star Labs and then infuse the power of the crystal at Wayne Tech. With her plan in place, Slade will ultimately be able to control the entire world.

Jade Wilson

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