How to Dress Like Jacob Frye

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Assassin's Creed Jacob Frye Coat
Mens Velvet Collar Vest
Long Sleeve Dress Shirt
Assassin's Creed Unity Necklace
Solid Micro Fiber Slim Tie
Volcom Men's Slim Chino
Dickies Genuine Leather Belt
Leather Fingerless Glove
Jacob Frye Cane Sword
Steve Madden Men's Boot
Assassin’s Creed Gauntlet w/ Hidden Blade

Best Jacob Frye Costume Guide

With a rich and dark history, star of video game Assassin’s Creed, Jacob Frye is a roguishly dressed assassin from the Victorian era. If you’re looking to snag his style for your next convention, follow our guide, and we’ll show you how it’s done. For starters, we suggest an authentic, Assassin’s Creed Jacob Frye Coat. A Long Sleeve Dress Shirt under a Men’s Velvet Collar Vest will go a long way to securing his look. Pair with a Solid Micro Fiber Slim Tie and an Assassin’s Creed Unity Necklace.

We chose a pair of Volcom Men’s Slim Chinos belted with a Dickies Genuine Leather Belt and some Steve Madden Men’s Boots. A genuine Jacob Frye Cane Sword held in your Leather Fingerless Gloved hand will all but complete his style. In keeping with the theme, cap off your outfit with an Assassin’s Creed Gauntlet.

Jacob Frye Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking to be complimented on your cosplay style, we recommend the dangerous, albeit, fashionably dressed assassin, Jacob Frye. While you have the option of going for big budget costume pieces, his look can also be achieved by more cost effective means. A knee length black, hooded jacket over a dress shirt and vest with a thin red scarf or tie will take care of the main pieces. Dark pants and boots and either cloth or leather, fingerless gloves will leave you lacking only the minor accessories.

You have the option to either make or buy a replica Unity Necklace as well as a gauntlet for your arm. Finish it up with a cane or carved walking stick, and you’ll have nailed his look! If you’re going for a group endeavor, we suggest adding Jacob’s twin sister Evie or fellow assassin George Westhouse. His nemesis’s David Brewster and Rupert Ferris would also be fun additions to your group. Look at our featured pics for additional style ideas and please, send in your pics too!

Jacob Frye Costume Tips & FAQs

Step back into Victorian London with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Jacob Frye, the charismatic and daring protagonist from “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.” Perfect for fans and cosplayers, this guide covers the key elements of Jacob’s iconic attire, helping you transform into the renowned assassin. From his signature top hat to the classic assassin’s gauntlet, we’ve got you covered for an authentic Jacob Frye experience.

Jacob Frye's outfit is a blend of Victorian style and assassin functionality. Essential elements include a tailored Victorian frock coat, often in a dark color with leather detailing. Underneath, wear a high-collar white shirt and a patterned waistcoat. Complete the look with dark trousers and a leather assassin's gauntlet on one arm. Don't forget his signature top hat, a key element of his distinctive style.

Jacob sports a slicked-back hairstyle with the sides shorter than the top. Use hair pomade or gel for a sleek look. For facial hair, he has a distinct, well-groomed mustache and a small goatee. If you can't grow similar facial hair, consider using makeup or a fake mustache and goatee.

Victorian-style leather boots are ideal for a Jacob Frye costume. Look for boots that rise to mid-calf and have a slightly worn appearance, adding to the authenticity of a 19th-century assassin operating in London's streets.

Key accessories for Jacob Frye include his leather assassin's gauntlet, which features a hidden blade, and a weapon belt with various pouches. Also, a Victorian-era top hat is crucial for his look. Optional items include a cane-sword and a vintage pocket watch to enhance the Victorian aesthetic.

Jacob is known for his wit and fearless attitude. Here are some memorable quotes: "We're Assassins and we follow a Creed, aye, but it does not command us to act or submit... only to be wise.," "I've always thought of myself as a gang leader. Firm, but fair.," "Don't die.," "I am not a subtle man." and "London will perish without me." These quotes capture Jacob's bold personality, his leadership qualities, and his dedication to his cause in Victorian London.

About Jacob Frye

Born just minutes after his twin sister Evie, Jacob Frye and his sibling were raised by their grandmother after their mother died in childbirth. Trained from birth to be assassins by their father Ethan Frye, Jacob strayed away from his father’s training to explore the nightlife of his hometown, Crawley. Eventually taking his training seriously, and becoming a Master Assassin, Jacob and Evie lead a criminal syndicate called the Rooks and work to bring down The Templars.

Practiced in combat and stealth, those are only a couple of his mastered skills. Jacob is proficient in lock-picking, pick-pocketing and eavesdropping. He is a skilled free-runner, able to climb natural elements and scale the tall buildings of London. Jacob is an experienced fighter, able to take on multiple opponents at once and is skilled in the use of most weaponry. In addition to this skill set, Jacob also possesses Eagle Vision. Brave and devoted to his sister, Jacob Frye is a surprisingly complex character for a video game.

Jacob Frye

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