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Best Jackie Robinson Halloween Costume Guide

Baseball costumes are a classic costume option for Halloween, but there’s nothing like dressing up as baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson for a costume party or event! He is one of the most famous Major League Baseball players of all time, and was the very first African American baseball player in the Major Leagues! Everyone will know exactly who you are when you show up to the party wearing the Dodgers #42 jersey! Get the look of the MLB all-star with this Jackie Robinson costume guide.

Turn yourself into the ultimate baseball MVP of the 1940’s with a Jackie Robinson Jersey, a pair of White Baseball Pants, Baseball Belt, Dodgers Hat, Knee High Blue Socks, Baseball Cleats, and Baseball Glove. You can’t you go wrong by choosing a Jackie Robinson costume!

Jackie Robinson Cosplay Costumes

You’ll hit a home run when you out dressed up as Jackie Robinson for Halloween or cosplay night out! The best part about Jackie’s baseball uniform? It’s super easy to put together when you know where to find all of the pieces of his uniform. The best place to start out with his costume is to order a Jackie Robinson #42 Dodgers jersey online. The rest of the baseball uniform can be found in a costume shop or even a local sporting goods store. You may have a baseball glove of your own or know someone you can borrow one from!

Show us batting your skills by getting your friends to tag along as Brooklyn Dodgers teammates to turn this single player costume into a group costume! In between innings, snap a picture of your look and send it in to be included in the Jackie Robinson costume gallery just as a Baseball Hall of Famer should!

About Jackie Robinson

In 1947 Jackie Robinson changed the world by becoming the first African American baseball player in the Major Leagues and he didn’t stop there! He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962 on the first ballot which is a big deal! If that isn’t impressive enough, Jackie was a member of six World Series teams. One of the reasons he was so well-known in the baseball world? Jackie was the leader in for stolen bases in 1947 and 1949. In 1949, Jackie was the National League Most Valuable Player.

Even though Jackie was a huge name in Major League Baseball, he devoted much of his time to be a part of the Civil Rights Movement. His dedication was to something much bigger than sports. He was an intelligent man who used his writing skills to publish a newspaper column for years. We haven’t quite figured out what he’s NOT capable of yet! This man was unstoppable on and off the diamond!

Jackie Robinson

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