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Wool Cadet Hat
Wool Skirt Suit
Peral Necklace
Women's Heels
Peral Earrings
White Gloves

Best Jackie O Costume Guide

Jacqueline Kennedy, known later as Jackie O, is more than an iconic symbol that we all grew up respect and love! Even if you don’t remember her as the First Lady, you’re sure to recognize her name and the impact she had on the United States. Jackie O was a symbol of beauty, intelligence, class, and pure elegance! Get the look of the former First Lady of the United States with this Jackie O costume guide.

You can adorn the look of Jackie O with a red Wool Skirt Suit, a matching Wool Cadet Hat, White Gloves, and a pair of nude colored Women’s Heels. Jackie was usually seen wearing a Pearl Necklace and matching Pearl Earrings, so be sure to add those to the look to pull it all together to match her timeless style!

Jackie O Cosplay Costumes

There aren’t too many other First Ladies that people choose to dress as for Halloween or cosplay, but Jackie O’s iconic style is one that will continue to be popular every year! The best part about her style is that it never goes out of style for being so classy and elegant. You can find her timeless wool suit, hat, and gloves online or possibly in a thrift shop! You may already own a pair of heels, a pearl necklace, and pearl earrings, so look through your closet and jewelry collection before spending more money! Put all of the items together to dress as one of the most beloved first ladies there ever was!

Of course, if you’re looking for a couples costume then you need President John F. Kennedy as your second half! Get your brother, friend, or other half to dress as JFK to make a timeless couples costume! Send us a picture to show off this presidential look in the Jackie O costume gallery!

Jackie O Costume Tips & FAQs

Step back into a pivotal era of American history with our detailed costume guide FAQ on Jackie Kennedy Onassis, affectionately known as Jackie O. Famous for her impeccable sense of style and grace, Jackie O remains a fashion icon. This guide will assist you in recreating her elegant and sophisticated look, perfect for historical events, themed parties, or any occasion where classic style is celebrated.

Jackie O was renowned for her elegant and sophisticated fashion sense. Key elements of her iconic look include a tailored skirt suit (often in pastel or neutral colors), a pillbox hat, and simple yet elegant accessories. Her suits were typically A-line with a three-quarter length sleeve and were paired with modest, coordinated heels. The pillbox hat, often in the same fabric as the suit, is essential for an authentic Jackie O look.

Jackie O's hairstyle was characterized by short, voluminous, and perfectly coiffed hair, often styled into a bouffant. A short wig styled in a similar fashion can be used if you don't have short hair. For makeup, Jackie O favored a natural but polished look. Use a light foundation, a soft pink blush, a neutral eyeshadow, and a classic eyeliner with a slight wing. Her lips were often a soft pink or nude shade.

Jackie O's accessories were always elegant and understated. Include a pair of white gloves, a small clutch purse, and a string of pearls. She often wore simple stud earrings and sometimes a brooch. Sunglasses with a large frame can also be added, as Jackie O was known for her stylish eyewear.

Jackie O often wore suits in pastel colors, like pink, blue, or mint, as well as neutrals like cream or navy. Fabrics were typically wool or bouclé for suits, and silk or satin for evening wear. Choose materials that have a structured yet feminine quality to them for an authentic look.

Portraying Jackie O isn't just about the outfit; it's also about embodying her grace and poise. She was known for her soft-spoken and articulate manner. Some quotes that capture her spirit include: "There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all.," "One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness.," "The only routine with me is no routine at all.," "I am a woman above everything else." and "Pearls are always appropriate." These quotes reflect her intelligence, strength, and timeless sense of style, helping you to bring a touch of Jackie O's elegance to your portrayal.

About Jackie O

Jackie O was born in 1929 as Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. Her father was a New York stockbroker and her mother was an equestrienne. This formed Jackie’s love horses and the skill of riding them. Her mother and father wanted Jackie to grow up and develop her own mind, intelligence, and accomplishments. Jackie attended highly prestigious schools and graduated from college with her B.A. in French Literature. In 1952, Jackie met a charming young man at a dinner party, and his name was John F. Kennedy.

John and Jackie had three children together, but one of them didn’t survive. The two were married for ten years until John F. Kennedy was assassinated with Jackie sitting right next to him. Jackie kept a brave face through her husband’s passing, and she informed the nation of what an excellent image JFK had given to their lives. Jackie continued to help the nation grow until she passed away in 1994 from cancer.

Jackie O

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