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The movie Semi-Pro is a comedy film starring Will Ferrell. The movie is set in 1976 where a singer by the name of Jackie Moon finds himself with a load of cash after releasing a one-hit-wonder entitled Love Me Sexy. He technically stole it from his mom, who wrote it on a napkin a couple of weeks before she died, but that doesn’t matter. With his money, he decides to buy a basketball team and becomes both the coach and power forward.

Jackie Moon is winging life. He doesn’t care what he does with his life, as long as he has fun with it. Jackie puts more energy into his wild promotions for the games than playing. He often lets his confidence get the better of him. Get that fresh 70’s look with this Jackie Moon costume guide. Get the look of the Semi-Pro player with a Jackie Moon Costume, Wristband Set, USA Basketball, Curly Wig, and Men’s Sneaker.

Jackie Moon Cosplay Costumes

The basketball team that Jackie Moon buys is a part of the ABA. However, the league is planning to merge with the NBA, and only four teams will be moved over. The team that he bought is the Flint Tropics. The Tropics are considered to be the worst team ever, and it’s assumed they will be dissolved instead of being moved to the NBA. With Jackie’s help, the Commissioner is persuaded that the teams with the four best season records should be moved over to the NBA. 

Jacki’s outfit captures the late 70s era. With his big afro-styled hair and bright uniform, you’ll be recognized instantly as the lead of the Tropics. To send this cosplay over the top, you could have the entire team show up in uniform and even play a game or two. If you think Jackie Moon would be proud of the costume you’ve created, you should submit an entry into the annual Halloween Costume contest!

Jackie Moon Costume Tips & FAQs

Get ready to bring the flair and humor of “Semi-Pro” to life by dressing up as Jackie Moon, the flamboyant and hilarious character portrayed by Will Ferrell. Our costume guide FAQ will assist you in recreating Jackie’s over-the-top 1970s basketball player look, capturing his unique style and larger-than-life personality. Let’s explore how to craft his iconic Flint Tropics uniform and embody his eccentric charm.

Jackie Moon's outfit is an eye-catching representation of 1970s basketball fashion. Essential elements include a white and teal basketball jersey with the words "Flint Tropics" and the number "33" on it, matching basketball shorts, a pair of white tube socks with colored stripes, and a pair of white sneakers. Completing the look is his signature afro-style wig and a sweatband, usually in a coordinating color like teal or white.

Jackie's hairstyle is a key part of his character. Use a large, curly afro wig in a light brown or blonde color to mimic his look. Pair the wig with a sweatband, preferably in teal or white, to capture his 70s basketball player style.

The material for Jackie Moon's jersey and shorts should be similar to that used in athletic wear, such as a breathable, moisture-wicking polyester blend. Look for a white and teal basketball jersey and shorts, or create your own by adding "Flint Tropics" and the number "33" to a plain set using fabric paint or iron-on letters and numbers.

Essential accessories for a Jackie Moon costume include the white tube socks with colored stripes and white sneakers to complete the 1970s basketball look. You can also add a basketball as a prop to enhance the authenticity of the costume. Jackie's over-the-top personality can be further emphasized with exaggerated facial expressions and confident, humorous mannerisms.

To capture Jackie Moon's essence, focus on his comedic, confident, and sometimes absurd personality. He's known for his catchy phrases and songs, so including these can enhance the portrayal. Some memorable Jackie Moon phrases are: "Everybody love everybody!," "Let's get tropical!," "I'm a scorer, not a passer.," "No refunds, consider your refund escaping this death trap with your lives!" and "In the anals of history, people are going to be talking about three things: the discovery of fire, the invention of the submarine, and the Flint, Michigan Mega Bowl." These phrases and characteristics showcase Jackie's quirky leadership and his flair for showmanship, making them perfect for bringing your portrayal of him to life.

About Jackie Moon

Jackie Moon, played by Will Ferrell, is a one-hit-wonder from Michigan. He released a song called Love Me Sexy and got a lot of money for it. Jackie didn’t write the song but just used what his mom wrote on a napkin before her death. Regardless of that, he’s now rolling in the dough and wants to have a good time. He buys an ABA basketball team called the Flint Tropics and decides to coach and be the power forward on the team. The problem is, they’re the worst team anyone has ever seen.

The Tropics are going to have to turn themselves around if they want to be merged to the NBA. Jackie has a pretty loud personality. He’s got a ton of confidence, but it doesn’t always help. He’s more of a showman and tries to come up with crazy ideas to get people to come to games, including wrestling a bear, free corn dogs, and jumping over girls on roller skates. 

Jackie Moon

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