How to Dress Like Jack Baker

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Twin Stripe Dress Shirt
Oval Classic Glasses
Comb Over Wig
Men's Slim Denim Jeans
Fake Axe
Brown Full Beard with Moustache
Men's Brown Work Boots
Fake Blood

Best Jack Baker Costume Guide

Jack Baker is the main villain and boss in the highly popular horror video game, Resident Evil 7. Once a family man, he is the owner of a ranch in the countryside of Dulvey, Louisiana where he lives along with his wife and two children. Jack, under the control of the Eveline, became violent towards anyone under that upset him which was reflected by his manic grin. His family was behind kidnappings and murders. Dress up like the Resident Evil character with this Jack Baker costume guide.

To dress up like Jack Baker, you should wear a Twin Stripe Dress Shirt, Men’s Slim Denim Jeans, and Men’s Brown Work Boots. Then, add a Comb Over Wig, Brown Full Beard with Moustache, and Oval Classic Glasses. Don’t forget the most important thing of all: your fake blood and fake axe. Remember to cover yourself up in Fake Blood as well! With this look, you can transform into one of horror games’ most frightening villains of all time!

Jack Baker Cosplay Costumes

Jack Baker is terrifying and sadistic, yet has a good sense of humor. All of these qualities give him the classic qualities of a serial killer. Dressing up like him guarantees you’ll terrify—or at least repulse, every person you encounter. For this reason, Jack Baker is a great costume option for Halloween.

Since Jack Baker is a part of the Resident Evil universe, you shouldn’t dress up alone? Bring along your friends and ask them to dress up as their own favorite horror characters from their favorite video games. Dressing up like other Resident Evil villains like Albert Wesker, Krauser, or Marguerite. On the other hand, you can forget the all the villains and dress up as the heroes like Leon Kennedy, Chris and Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine herself. In short, you can find a ton of costume choices that you and your friends can dress up like.

Jack Baker Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the terrifying and intense world of Jack Baker from “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Jack Baker, a central antagonist in the game, is known for his menacing presence and rugged, deranged appearance. This guide is crafted to help you embody the character of Jack Baker, focusing on his disheveled look and the eerie atmosphere he embodies, perfect for fans seeking to recreate this formidable character for cosplay or Halloween.

Jack Baker's costume exudes a sense of menace and decay, reflective of his character in "Resident Evil 7." Essential elements include a dirty, dark blue work shirt, often worn open over a stained white undershirt. He also wears dark, dirty work pants and heavy boots. Jack's look is unkempt and rugged, with his clothing appearing worn and weathered. Adding a faux bloody apron, like one used for butchering, can enhance the horror aspect of the costume.

Jack Baker has a messy, greying hairstyle and a disheveled beard. A wig that mimics this unkempt, grey-streaked hair, along with a matching fake beard, can be used. Makeup is crucial for recreating Jack's appearance. Use makeup to create a pale, sickly complexion, dark circles under the eyes, and any visible scars or wounds that reflect his battles and mutations throughout the game.

Sturdy, dark-colored work boots are ideal for Jack's costume. As for accessories, consider adding a prop chainsaw or shovel, which are iconic to his character's violent tendencies in the game. These props should be safe, fake versions to ensure they are convention-friendly and non-threatening.

To truly capture the essence of Jack Baker, focus on the details that make him look rugged and menacing. Artificial dirt and grime on the clothes and shoes, along with fake blood splatters, will add to the authenticity. The clothes should look well-worn, as if they've seen many days of hard labor and violence.

Jack Baker is known for his chilling dialogue and unpredictable behavior. Some memorable quotes to use include: "Welcome to the family, son!," "You can't hide from me, boy!," "I'm gonna squash you like a bug.," and "You ain't getting away this time." Using these quotes in a deep, menacing tone can bring a sense of Jack Baker's intimidating and unhinged personality to your portrayal. Remember, the key to a successful Jack Baker costume is in the details that make him both frightening and memorable.

About Jack Baker

Jake Baker is a resident of Dulvey, Louisiana and acts as the villain in the Resident Evil 7 video game. At the start, he was a normal family man and ex-marine living a peaceful life with his wife and kids. But one day he went to investigate a crashed ship where he found Mia Winters and Eveline, an advanced bio weapon. Soon, Evaline took control of Jack Baker and his family turning them into grotesque serial killers.

Now, Jack Baker and his family are cannibals who hunt down victims, eat their organs, and turn them into molded monsters. The resulting transformation also made Jack Baker incredibly strong and gave him enhanced regenerative abilities. He cannot die. He can also throw his victims around, punch through walls and use things like axes and shovels with extreme precision and speed. This combined with his humorous dialogues makes him one of the best horror bosses ever.

Jack Baker

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